Chapter 9

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Hellooooooo I'm sorry I haven't published anything I'm just lazy- Anyways since I 'totally' know how to write shit this chapter is basically gonna start with a time skip to after the hike cause why the fuck not? (pleasedonthateme) enjoy!

(Y/N)'s POV

After a while of doing absolutely nothing apart from staring at a lake and stopping fights from the two magic weirdos, I just sat in my bed inside my tent, looking up at the 'ceiling'. You'd think that an old, run-down camp like this would also have broken equipment or materials but surprisingly, these tents weren't worn out or torn apart.

I yawned afterwards, sitting up. I jumped out of the bed and squatted down to grab my duffel bag. I grabbed a hold of it and unzipped the bag to find Max's teddy bear, which I had hidden in the bag as some sort of payback earlier. I picked it up and sighed, then randomly grinning at the fact that Max, out of all people, owned a stuffed animal.

"Heh.. cute." I randomly muttered to myself, immediately blushing. I shook my head and stood up quickly.

'What the fuck am I saying?! Did I seriously just say that?! I don't like Max! Why the fuck would I think that him owning a teddy bear be cute?!' I thought to myself as I looked down at the teddy, which was now on the floor.

After a while of just staring at it, I squatted down and grabbed it, hiding it back inside the bag. I zipped the bag and stood back up, stepping out of the tent to randomly find Nikki in front of me, which startled me.

"Holy shi- You guys are back from the hike already? I thought David made those hikes last the whole day."

"David had to cut it short 'cause Space Kid got attacked by squirrels again."

"Wait what-"

"The fuck is going on here?" Max suddenly interrupted, startling me again. Neil was behind Max.

"Oh uh.. hey Max. Hey Neil.." I smiled, awkwardly placing a hand behind my head.

"How are you feeling, (Y/N)?" Neil asked.

"I'd say I'm feeling better..." I shrugged.

"Well that's good to hear." Neil sighed.

-Time Skip-

Gwen grabbed a megaphone, telling everyone to go to their tents. Everyone groaned in unison as they lazily entered their tents for the night.

I sat in my bed inside the tent, yawning. Max entered the tent quickly after me, like if he were in a panic.

"Max? Is everything alright?" I asked.

"Check this out." Max said, pulling out a phone with some sort of pine tree phone case on it.

"Where'd you get that from?"

"I stole it from David." Max said proudly, like if he were to have achieved something amazing.

"Don't you already have a phone..?"


"Then why do you need his phone if you already have one-"

"Okay stop with the questions already!" Max said, cutting me off.

He walked over and jumped on his bed, with David's phone in his hands. I looked over and saw him grinning with a malicious look in his eyes. I shrugged it off and went to sleep.

After a bit I started hearing as if someone was rummaging around. I groaned, shifting over, only to hear the weird noise suddenly stop. I opened my eyes and noticed Max was sleeping, and then went back to sleep.

Some time passed, and I started hearing the same noise again. I grumbled quietly and opened my eyes slightly, noticing that Max wasn't on his bed. He was walking around, as if he were desperately looking for something.

"Max..?" I lowly muttered, causing him to suddenly stop moving and look over.

"The fuck are you doing awake..?" He asked, trying to sound calm.

"I could ask you the same thing..." I said, slowly sitting up in my bed, then yawning.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Nothing." He responded quickly.

"I mean- it's nothing."

"Mhm. Whatever you say, Max." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

"Seriously, what's wrong?" I asked again.

He sighed. "I told you, it's nothing."


"Alright fine. I lost something important and can't find it. Is that what you wanted to hear?!" He said, annoyed.

I suddenly froze.

'Fuck he's talking about the teddy bear isn't he?'  I nervously gulped.

"Er.. what kind of.. 'important thing' did you lose..?"

"Are you seriously gonna keep on asking questions?!" He said, raising his voice a bit.

"Woah hey, calm down- you're gonna wake someone up."

He sighed, then glared at me.

"Well? Are you gonna tell me or not?"

"Ugh fine. I lost my damn teddy bear and I can't fucking find him." He grumbled in defeat. He seemed a bit embarrassed.

"There, happy?" He said, flopping onto his bed.

"You haven't seen him anywhere, have you (Y/N)?" He asked, looking over at me seriously.

"Eheheh... uh.. about that..."




SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY I haven't been publishing anything I'm just fucking lazy. If this happens again don't think I'm dead cause I'm probably just 1- watching Netflix (or Camp Camp season 4 which got released) or 2- sleeping. Anyways, bai bai for now!

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