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Me and chase were watching insidious and I was honestly so scared "Chase I'm kinda scared got gonna lie" he put his arm around me "don't be scared I'm hereeeee" he said making me laugh
The movie started and it was okay so far. Then there was a jump scare and I screamed and hid in chases chest under the blanket. "Ahahahah are you okay!?" Chase asked laughing so hard my head on his chest was moving "yea" "are you scared?" He asked seeming more serious and worried "Um nah it's not even that bad" honestly I was dying lol "hmm you sure?" He asked grinning "yeAHHHH" There was another Jump scare and I hid under the blanket putting my head into his lap. "ahahahahahahahaha" he laughed for about 6 minutes and I just starred at him with a frown "hey stoppppp making fun of me you bully" Chase frowned "sowyyyy" he kissed my cheek i put my head on his shoulder and fell asleep chase carried me to my bed and I woke up "Can you lay with me" he picked me up again and took me to his bed "here my beds bigger" he later me down and later next to me. My head was in his chest and he was holding me so tight and he was so much bigger then me I felt so safe and I was so small compared to him It was funny "goodnight" "goodnight babygirl" WHAHEJSHSHSHWHAHAH OH MY FUCKING GOD H E C A L L E D M E B A B Y G U R L L HEHEHEHW :)
I went to sleep cuddling with him and warm because I was wearing his sweatshirt again :)
******** morning ********

We woke up at about 10 and chase got up but I stayed because I was half asleep, when I woke up I didn't know where Chase was. I got
Up and went to the bathroom. When I was down with opened the door and chase was right there "boo" I squealed and chase picked me up and spun me (idk how to spell sorryyy) he put me down and I kissed him on the cheek "you scared meeee" "sorryyyyy" I rolled my eyes playfully and walked away "are you mad?" Chase asked sounding kinda worried. I decided I would prank him "helloooo? Did you forget to put your hearing aids in missy?" He puts his fingers in my ears making me laugh. "Ok ok okkkkk I'm not madddd" he took his fingers out "HAH I knew ITTTTTT" i took a cute pair of cloths and brought it into the bathroom. "I'm gonna go take a shower Chase is that okay?" Chase rolled his eyes "ughhh why are you even asking you don't have to ask of corse it's fine" "okay okay sorrry" I giggled and shut the door. When I'm in the shower I always sing I'm guessing everybody does right?

-Chases POV-
I heard Kylie start to sing and I immediately got my phone out and took a video of her singing. She sounds amazing, I didn't now she could sing....
when I heard the shower turn off she started to sing a little quieter so I ended the video and then I heard the bathroom door open so I ran to my bed to act like I never heard anything. "You good?" Kylie said laughing "y- yeah I'm good why are you asking?" I said sounding nervous "okay" she said in a cute tone. She so cute. Like adorable I'm so lucky. I watched the video with my AirPods so she couldn't hear and I posted it on Tik Tok. I Tagged her so she will see it. "Chase why did you post this ewwww I sound bad" she said sounding annoyed "um excuse me? No it doesn't. I wanna brag about my girlfriend. She's like really good at everything" I said making her giggle

-Kylie's POV-
"She's like really good at everything." That made me laugh a little he's so nice to me I love him. "Ehh I heard she's quite the weirdo" I said making him roll his eyes "shuuuuttt up don't talk about my girl like that she's fucking amazing" he pecked my lips "lets go to school" I said making him confused "are you sure your ready?" Chase asked me "yea, and it's okay that we're late because we had study hall so let's just go and see everyone." Chase nodded and got ready

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