Chapter 24: A burning Death

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With Y/n walking through the corridor at the second floor of the Kuoh Academy as he was thinking what will he answer regarding on the marriage.

Y/n's mind - 'Man. I don't what will I say to her. Should I accept it or not? I mean I think there is Irina who is somewhat like me based on her actions and behavior towards to me. And my heart and my mind tells that I should marry her for she was so freaking attractive. And she is so kind, humorous and cute as well.' He pondered.

While he was walking back to his classroom, he bumped into someone and he said,

Y/n - Hey! Watch were you go-

He was interrupted when he saw Rias who has a surprised look and she said,

Rias - Y/n? What are you doing here?

Y/n ignored her question and he asked her back.

Y/n - The question is, what are YOU doing here in the middle of school? Aren't you supposed to be in the ORC Room doing your usual works? He said clearly annoyed on her presence. Just her presence is enough to ruin Y/n's day.

Rias - I-I was..... She was interrupted when Y/n suddenly spoke.

Y/n - Don't make lame excuses on me. Are you stalking me?

Rias couldn't say anything because what Y/n said is true. She was stalking him. And when she heard that he beat Sona on a chess, she was utterly sad, knowing that she will have no longer a chance to him. She also uses her telepathy and when she discovers that Y/n is willingly marry Sona, that added a sharp and painful scar on her heart for she was completely heartbroken and helpless. If she didn't neglected him during their first encounter, then it will not lead to this.

It's all her fault. Yes, that's true. If only she didn't do such horrible things to him.

Y/n - Oi! Are you even listening to me? He said completely annoyed.

Rias (sad) - A-Ah! You were saying?

Y/n - You know what, I'm done with this sh*t. I'm outta here.

But before he walked back, Rias grabbed his wrist, not wanting to let him go.

Y/n - Hey! What are you doing?! He yelled so loud that the students heard him as they went outside.

When the students are outside, they saw Rias holding Y/n's wrist tightly.

Y/n - Let me go, you bastard!

Rias - I won't let you go, unless you want to talk to me. She said sinisterly.

Y/n was surprised on Rias's tone on her voice and he smirked.

Y/n - Oh? So you the guts to talk to me like that? After what I have done to save your school that you treasure? I like where this is going.

Rias (enraged) - Don't talk nonsense! You will come with me whether you like it or not!

Y/n then uses his other free hand an gripped Rias wrist tightly. So tight that it cause Rias to scream in pain.

Y/n's mind - 'Man, I love torturing her. Her painful screams is music to my ears.'

Y/n - Hmmm.... How about no? He said while smirking.

Rias then let her emotions take over as he let go of your right wrist and a black-and-red aura glowed all over on her body with her devil wings spreading out, meaning she was in her Rage Mode.

Rage Mode Rias - I WILL NOT TAKE NO AS AN ANSWER!!!! She yelled demonically.

The students were terrified on Rias's suddenly burst of her emotions as they quickly went back to their classroom.

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