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He breathed heavily as he slowly opened his eyes.

He opened his mouth, trying to talk but his voice didn't cooperate. He looked at the whole room which was unfamiliar to him, and no one was there, he was all alone. He tried to move his legs but he was still weak to do so.

He wanted to shout and called for someone who could help him but he couldn't.

A man wearing a nurse uniform holding a clipboard opened the door and widen his eyes out of his surprise.

"You're awake!" He declared. He went closer and checked the patient's vital signs.

"How are you feeling? Do you want something? Water?" He asked with a wide smile on his lips.

He nodded and tried to speak again but he still can't.

The Nurse immediately gave him a glass of water and help him drink it by holding it carefully.

He cleared his throat, trying hard to say something.

"Wait, I'm going to call Doctor Park," And he went out to inform his Doctor, leaving the poor patient.

Minutes later, several Nurses and a Doctor on his mid- thirties came to his room.

The Doctor checked his heart beat using his stethoscope. Checked everything he had to check before he nodded to the Nurses and smiled at the patient.

"Can you move your fingers?"

He tried to move his fingers slowly which he did.

"Alright. Now, do you remember your name?"

He nodded and tried to talk.

"L-Lee Taeyong,"

The Doctor smiled.

"Do you remember anything?"

Taeyong didn't answer as he tried to remember. After some minutes he looked at the Doctor and tried to sit.

"Don't force yourself. Your body is still weak, Taeyong," The doctor reminded him.

"So, do you remember anything, Taeyong?"

He was sure but he doesn't know why some of his memories were gone. He felt like there's a part from his memories disappeared and he couldn't think of it.

He tried to remember it but instead of recalling some things, he held his head and yelled. He was hurt.

His voice cracked and tried to asked some help but he couldn't. He felt like his head was torn into two.

The Doctor asked him to calm down and immediately the Nurse injected a syringe into his arm to calmed him down.

After a few minutes, Taeyong breathed heavily as he closed his eyes.

"We'll wait for him to wake up," The Nurses nodded as the Doctor uttered looking at their patient.

"What's the date today?" He asked.

"June 2," the Nurse simply answered.

The Doctor sighed and wrote something from his clipboard.

"It's been almost a year. Almost a year since he woke up,"


"Yah! Jung Jaehyun! Stop right there, you brat!"

"Nye nye~ No way, old man! I don't want you to put that needle thing into my skin!" Jaehyun shouted his lungs out.

The Head Nurse stopped and looked at him.

Suddenly, his laughed echoed in the hallway causing the younger to stared at him as if he was a crazy old man laughing without a reason.

"What a crazy old man we have here," He muttered as he shook his head.

"The heck, Jung Jaehyun?! You're still scared of syringe?! Scary big baby~" He shouted as he gave him a teased smile.

Jaehyun glared at him.

"He just don't know how that needle thing hurts me. For almost every week, he always put that thing into my skin. Tss. This old man." He whispered and sighed.

Jaehyun was about to go back to his room when he noticed something that caught his attention.

"Why is this door opened? Tsk. That old man forgot to cl--"

He was about to close the door when he noticed the sleeping patient.

Truly, it wasn't his first time seeing him. Jaehyun usually visited the patient when he had some free time. He doesn't know him personally but Jaehyun felt so comfortable just by looking at him.

He went closer and stared at the sleeping patient.

Jaehyun wiped the sleeping patient's tears. He was crying in his sleep.

He looked at the patient's soft lips, saying something that Jaehyun didn't know.

He went closer enough and tried to hear it but suddenly, the sleeping patient woke up and screamed his lungs out. He pushed Jaehyun with full force causing the younger to fell on the floor, out of balanced.

"What the hell- AAAA!" The patient shouted as he touched his neck.

"W-ho-" He coughed trying to yell again.

Jaehyun gave him a glass of water and he didn't waste anytime and drank it.

He cleared his throat and glared at the younger.

Jaehyun moved back and confusedly looking at him.

As if I did something on him. Tss. Jaehyun thought.

"Who the hell are you?" And there he spoke.

Jaehyun was about to say something when..

"Taeyong?!" Suddenly, the head Nurse Kim went closer to him and checked him if he was really okay.

Taeyong nodded and laid back on his bed. He was still weak though.

"Jung Jaehyun go back to your room right now! I'm going to inform Doctor Park about this," And he went out.

Taeyong sighed and bit his lower lip, he looked at the younger.

Jaehyun was about to go when the older asked him something that he didn't know how to react.

"Will you stay here for a moment?"

to be continued...

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