Sunrise, Sunset [1]

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I slipped off my shoes and held them both in my right hand. Slowly I made my way down the grassy bank. Once my feet touched the soft sand a smile spread across my face. Looking ahead of me I saw the waves crashing into each other and then roll gently onto the beach. The wind blew through my hair and into my soul. I set my bag down and walked towards the water. The next wave washed over my feet and I let out a small gasp. The water was cold and sent shivers through me. Our beaches weren't like those of a sunnier place like California or a more exotic location. The northwestern oceans of Washington and Oregon had a life all their own. I wasn't in Oregon at this time though, I was in Washington, Ocean Shores to be exact. It may not be everyone's paradise, but it was mine.

After a few minutes of watching the waves encircle my feet I walked back to my bag and grabbed my camera. The sun was just setting and the sky was beginning to turn a darker orange near the horizon with the beautiful pink above.




I took three pictures, each five minutes apart. I lowered myself down to one knee and continued to take some more. After awhile I tried different distances and angles. With a sigh I placed my camera back into it's case and into my bag. I unfolded a blanket I had brought and laid it out on the sand. The wind began to pick up and the air became crisp. Cursing at myself for wearing just my yellow sundress I wiggled deeper into the blanket and into the sand trying to cover my legs. I watched the majestic scene of the sun taking one last look above the horizon and then dive down until all I was left with was a sky of purple and pink. Until tomorrow, sun. Suddenly my peaceful moment was interupted by a shrill of excitement and the pounding of feet coming towards me.

"EMMA!" I turned around in time to see my younger sister, Vanessa, taking a running leap jump off the bank, do an awkward stumble and then regain her balance just in time to flop down beside me. She adjusted her bathing suit top underneath her blue tanktop. Vanessa then pulled her shorts down and crossed her legs and leaned back as if admiring the view in front of her.

"Vanessa...?" I asked calmly. As if she had forgotten what she was so excited about the moment she sat down, Vanessa's eyes lit up again and she turned to face me.

"Em! Ohmygawd, guess what?" Vanessa squealed. I sighed and brought my knees up to my chin.


"There's a party-"

"No," I quickly cut her off.

"But, Em!"


"Emma... Come on! We've been here for two weeks now and the most exciting thing that has happened to us is that you finally got a picture of a Seagull fighting a crab. LAME!" Vanessa said emphasizing the last word before she fell onto her back exasperated.

"You're the one who begged me to take you along," I replied sifting through my bag trying to find my chapstick.

"Need I remind you that you're the one who told me you were going to a beach?" Vanessa retorted.

"Need I remind you that I told you I was going mid-September? I told you all the summer-ites of this area would be gone and all that would be left were the people who lived here."

"Which is whyyyyy we need to go to this party! Mingle with people our own age! There are actually some left!"

"Vanessa, listen," I began. "You go. I need to get my pictures up on my laptop and start the editing process. You know that takes time. If...and I mean IF I get done soon enough, I will join you. For now though, my pictures and my book are my main priority." I finished and could see the wheels in Vanessa's head moving. She nodded slowly, no doubt trying to find a loophole in my words. Suddenly she sighed and I knew that I was solid.

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