Chapter 2

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Miracle POV

I immediately jumped out the bed with the sheets still wrapped around me. We mugged each other trying to figure out a good explanation on to way I'm his bed.

"Bruh What the fuck happen last night," he mumbled getting outta bed.


"Ouu Miracle we should hit up 'Cloud 9' since you ain't working tonight," My older sister Blessing suggested.

I rolled my eyes. This girl always wanna go to the club. Personally I don't wanna step foot in another club for the simple fact I work at one every night....and other reasons.

"B you know I'm not finna go to that damn club"

"Wwhhhhy," she whined.

"Bitch every time I go I watch up in someone else bed," I frowned.

"AND?!?! Sis you be getting good dick"

"No ma'am," I laughed. "That is nasty AND it's dangerous and ion see how you do it"

"Come on pleasseee...I'll keep you by my side to make sure you don't go nowhere"

I mugged the shit outta here, "ok bitch don't make it seem like I'm some horny lil child you gotta watch"

"Just go get ready," she pushed me in my room.

After spending an hour getting ready we finally left off in Blessing Red Mustang.

Once we got there we witnessed the long ass line but skipped everyone since we personally knew the owner......our cousin Gavin.

"Ouuu let's go dance," she cheesed trying to pull me in.

"NO...we're here for drinks and THATS IT," I fussed.

She smacked her lips walking to the bar, "who the fuck comes to the club and only come for drinks"

"ME......yeah I'll take the whole bottle actually," I told the bottle.

"Ouu give me that peach ciroc," she took a seat on the stool.

For a good 30 mins we just sat, listened to the music, and drink....until some dude started talking to Blessing.....oh god.

"Aye how bout you and yo sister come up to the section with me," he offered.

"Ouu Hell Yeah come on Miracle," she grabbed my arm.

When we got to the section there was a bunch of niggas up here lip locking with hoes and getting touchy touchy.

I frowned at the sight.

Blessing smacked her lips, "don't act like that be all over niggas at work"

"Cuz I'm getting PAID"

"And they could be getting paid"

"Doubt it," I sat down.

"Whatever bitch you're being an ass right now so I'm finna turn up," she walked away from me.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued to drink. After I finished my first bottle, I decided to get another.

By now I was down 3 bottles and was sadly all over the place.

" I JUST NEED SOME DICKKK," I sung with the song. "Give it to me-

"What's up lil mama," some dude came up behind me.

I cheesed hard wrapping my arms around him.

"Heeeyyy mister"

"You wanna dance with me," he asked placing kisses on my neck.


He smirked, "let's go then"

He kissed me letting me taste the liquor on his lips. We found our way to his car and drove somewhere...


Gotta be kidding me.....I was so gone I barley remember the rest....UGHHHH.

"I'm leaving," I spoke putting on my clothes.

"Yeah you do that...and don't tell anyone about this," he frowned at me.

"Gladly nigga," I mumbled.

"Get yo black ass outta my face," he showed me to the door.

"Fuckin asshole"

I stepped out of his door and called an Uber. As I waited I looked around at the outside of his house. This nigga got money money. I gues this what you get once you become a big time singer.

Finally when my Uber came I went straight home. I took a long bath washing all the dirtiness off my body. Once I was done I fixed me some breakfast and watched some tv when I got a message from Blessing.


Blessing🙄🤕: where were you last night girl?!??....are you ok

Me: I'm fine Blessing🙄🙄

Blessing: good...cuz momma and daddy wanna see you right now

Me: on my way


Chris POV

"Nigga what you washing yo sheets off for," August frowned.

"I had some hoe over," I mumbled

Red chuckled, "she left her panties," he held up some black laced panties.

I snatched them out of his hand and put them in my dresser.

"Who was it," hoody questioned.

"Nobody important"

"Obviously she was something serious with all them hickeys on you," he laughed.

I rolled my eyes at them.

"I'm getting into the shower then I'm headed to the studio"

I can't believe blacky was in my bed.....I actually fucked her. But I don't remember SHIT! That's good because now I'm disappointed in myself.

Here's the thing. I don't HATE dark skins but I rather just be friends with them....I could never wife a dark skin...but we could be cool. Me and Miracle never clicked though...she hates my guts....I never knew why.

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