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Vincent woke up the next day with Rebecca curled up in his arms with her face buried in his chest. He sighed and ran his finger through her hair. He would be content to just spend the day like this with her but he knew he had to get up. The attack had been successful and he knew that there would be retaliation sooner rather than later.

He moved gently and tried not to wake her before heading to the bathroom to shower. As he stood under the water, he thought about how he was getting too close to her and it wasn't safe. This thought was in his mind constantly. He just wanted her safe. He had been avoiding what he knew he had to do. He sighed when he stepped out of the shower hating that he couldn't think of anything else but what he was about to do.

As he dried himself off, he could hear Rebecca talking. "Who are you?" She asked someone.

"I'm Vince's girlfriend. Who the hell are you?" He heard Milena's annoyingly shrill voice and he cringed. This was not happening, not today of all days. He wrapped the towel around him and headed for the bedroom.

"If you're Vince's girlfriend why is it, he never mentioned you? I mean I have been living here a while and not once has he mentioned anyone. Least of all someone that looks like a cheap version of a low-grade prostitute." Vincent couldn't help but laugh at what Rebecca had said. Both women's heads whipped in his direction. He took in Rebecca's face. She looked pissed. Even though she had no right technically he kind of liked it. She was jealous and he was okay with that.

"Vince. Why is she here? Get rid of her and I will remind you of what I can do," she sauntered her way towards him. He took a step back and glared at her.

"You need to leave," he growled at her. Milena smiled thinking he was talking to Rebecca and she had won. "Milena. Did you hear me?" He saw Rebecca smirk from his bed and smiled at her. He might just take the day off and delay his plans another day after he got rid of the intrusion. Shaking his head, he looked at Milena again. She had her arms crossed and was pouting.

"She is evil..." Milena started. Vincent held up his hand to stop her. "But..."

"Enough, Milena," he shouted making her jump. He noticed Rebecca didn't though. This should have made him feel better but it didn't. She was getting too used to things like his shouting. He didn't like that he had exposed her to so much. He wouldn't wait another day. No, he needed to get Milena out so he could do what he had to. "Get. Out."

Milena stomped her foot before she huffed and stormed out. She sent a glare in Rebecca's direction. "This isn't over, bitch."

Rebecca stood up from the bed and walked toward Vincent. "Thanks. I could have taken care of it myself but thanks," she stood on her tip toes and leaned toward him for a kiss but, he took a step back. Rebecca frowned at his action. She knew they weren't an actual couple but, he hadn't shied away from her kissing him before. "Did I do something wrong?" she asked him.

Vincent shook his head. He looked at the floor avoiding what he had to say to her. He pinched the bridge of his nose, "we... we need to talk," he finally told her. "Let me get dressed and then we will talk," he told her before walking past her and into the closet.

When he came out of the closet Rebecca was sitting on the bed wondering what had changed since the night before. He had come back around two in the morning and climbed in bed before pulling her to him and placing his head into the crook of her neck. He didn't touch her in a sexual way at all. He kissed her neck lightly before going to sleep. She was now really confused about his actions.

"I have a safe house set up for you," Vincent sighs. He really didn't want to do this but he knew he needed to keep her safe and the only way to truly do that was put distance between the two of them. "I need you to pack your things. Let Tobin know if you want anything else from your place or anything that needs to be bought even and he will bring it to you later." He looked her in the eyes. He could tell she wanted to say something but she was biting the inside of her lip holding back. "I'm going to go make breakfast go ahead and get ready. I will drop you off after we eat," he quickly rushed out of the bedroom before he changed his mind.

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