Chapter 6

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Blance POV:

Hey im Roy-lee mother Claire, i remember that was her first words to me. When i first started to date her son he didn't bother to take me home to meet his parents and it made me think maybe he wasn't serious enough about our relationship, but he assured me in due time he would introduce me to everyone who was important to him.

It was my first week at work and i was still leaning the ropes. I met a lot of people some of them were nice people and i could see myself learning from them, others was not so nice , but it didn't bother me . I was willing to do all the training working for a highly rated insurance company to improve my working skills and knowledge.

I spent most of my lunch times with Allison my close friend working just around the corner from me, we shared most of our secrets when we have a change to catch up in pjs , doing our hair and having way to much to drink .

Things did however change when i met Roy-lee , these days i spent most of my time with him or else i stay in waiting for him but very little time was spent with my friends.

It was Wednesday morning my third day at work and i was starting to get the hang
of things. Lunch time was around 1 pm and i met Allison for a muffin at coffee at her workplace.

Allison: hey you, its always so nice to have you around even if it is just during the week
Me: yes it helps me to get out of the office and i enjoy the walk over here
Allison: sit, let me get us some coffee and muffins then you tell me whats on your mind, just by the look on your face i can tell somethings cooking in that little head of yours

Allison ( returning with coffee and muffins)

Allison : so???
Me : it probability nothing but its just that i have been dating Roy-lee for a while now, his met my parents even if they don't approve of him, but i still haven't met anyone from his side besides friends.
Allison:  did you ask him about it ?
Me: well no cause i didn't want to make it a thing.
Allison: just ask him about it, see where he stands, ok?

I went back to work and decided to just leave it alone, if i'm important to him he will make the first move. I'm willing to wait.

The next day Allison texted me she will collect me at work . I waited until 1:05 pm when i saw her coming round the corner but to my surprised she had someone unfamiliar with her.

Me : hey Allison
Allison: hey this is Roy-lees mother, Claire
Claire: hey i'm Claire! Nice to finally but a face to the name.
Me: nice meeting you to.
Claire: anyways i just came into town to get a few things so i will leave you girls to it then , bye
Me & Allison: bye

As soon as she left i felt self consist , because she left so quickly and didn't bother to ask me any questions , basically just said hello and goodbye in less than 5 mins.

Allison said she thought it was a good idea to bring her over to meet me since she was in town and it didn't seem like  Roy- lee was going to introduce us anytime soon.

Claire POV:

I finally met the girl my son has been bubbling about for a few months now, she looks a little stuck up, but if she can be good to my son that should help him forget about his past and his bastard child.

I remember when i was growing up and you disobeyed your parents by having sex before marriage and a child came from it you had no choice but to marry the girl whether you wanted to or not. But oooo how times have changed and i'm glad it did because now my son get get himself a good wive and career.

I never liked Shirley, just shortly after she gave birth there was stories going around that Roy-lee was not the only boy involved with her during the time she got pregnant. She obviously denied any rumors and said my son was the father.

I will not let my son stand for a child which he is not even sure if our blood runs through his veins. Mxm how i dislike that girl with her short shirts,boobs hanging out and always in some club never home to look after her child.

I just want everything of the best for my baby-boy.

Its almost time for him to turn 21 years old and we are planning on having a big party. I gave been saving up to give him what he deserves.

But first i want to get a maturity test. I have a plan i want to invite my 'grandchild' over to his 'grandmothers ' house on a regular basis making him feel safe and secure first and the mother comfortable leaving him with us, then when the time comes i can take him for a maturity test using his blood, a hair, anything just to prove this is not my grandchild.

I just have to remind my son he is not to bring his new girlfriend home seeing that she does not know about his child already.

My plan better work so our so called problem can disappear  poof into the air Hahaha!!!!!

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