Part 3 ; The truth untold

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*Taehyung POV*

"Wait a minutes, so what do you mean all this is that you'll get married soon? But, with whom?"

I do not know why but when I think back to the girl who will marry Jungkook, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

"Yup, as you said earlier. I will marry soon" He gave me a smile on his face.

Behind the smile, I knew that smile had implicit intentions and deep meaning. The unwanted and forced smile.

"She is Kim Y/n"

I almost coughed when I drank a cup of coffee I ordered. What did he said?? What was the girl's name Jungkook said?? Y/n??

Is Jungkook talking about Y/n?? My gubby girl??

"Y/n?? Kim Y/n??"

"Yeah why??"

No way.. Jungkook can not marry y/n. I mean, he does not love her and he never cares about y/n even for a moment.!!

"Why do you want to marry y/n?? And what about Lisa?? Does she know about this married??"

"Why do I see you care about Lisa?? Anyway, I do not want this married but our family who arranged this married"

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