13. june 15, 2019

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"Well if it isn't my favorite princess!" Harry greeted Elle has she hugged him at his doorstep. She had on a white sundress over her bikini that she especially picked out for Harry's pool party. Elle's new boyfriend, Ryan, stood beside her, arm around her waist and Harry eyed him up and down, "Ryan," he greeted with a nod.

Monica followed into the large home behind the teenage couple and gave Harry a hug. He wore short yellow swim trunks and Elle practically drooled over his thighs and tattoos as she followed him outside. Ryan didn't exist to her when Harry was around.

The older she got, the more she thought about him in ways she never thought about him before. Still a virgin, she had pent up arousal and lust for the man. She already had numerous sex dreams about him, not wanting to admit it to herself that her mind was capable of fabricating those scenarios. And admittedly, Ryan resembled the Brit in more ways than one with his handsome features and dark curly hair, not to mention his lax personality.

"Elle!" Harry said, snapping her out of her impure thoughts, "This is my coworker's daughter, Sandra. She's around your age."

The redhead standing before Elle in a black one piece waved slightly and Elle grinned, extending a hand, "Nice to meet you!"

Elle was maturing like a Beverly Hills socialite and Harry smiled at her actions. He thought about how unlike every other girl her age she was, how she was special.

"I'm Ryan," the young man piped up, shaking Sandra's hand, most probably to impress his much more mature girlfriend. The three started talking and Sandra was really funny.

Elle learned that she was a cheerleader, so they bonded with that similar interest of dancing and being on a pep squad of some sort.

Harry had gone over to the mini fridge in his small outdoor kitchen and pulled a beer from it. He popped it open on the counter and watched as the three young adults stood, Ryan playfully pretending to push Sandra into the pool.

He glared. He better not be flirting with another girl.

Sandra jumped in the cool water and pulled Ryan in after her. Elle still wore her white sundress, but she laughed, wanting to join the fun, so she quickly stripped it off and Harry's mouth fell open.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her in that tiny little pink gingham bikini. Her mile long legs were tanned and shining from the sunscreen as they moved across the concrete edge of the pool, her blonde locks standing out against her sun kissed skin.

Harry felt his trunks tighten and he decided it was best to stay behind the counter for a bit. He watched as Elle spoke to the two others from outside the pool before she stood and began walking in his direction.

Harry cleared his throat and leaned on the countertop, trying to act casual.

"Gimme a drink," she demanded, hopping up onto the counter and kicking her legs.

"A please would be appreciated," Harry said with a laugh.

Elle leaned in, making a fake pouty face, "Pwetty pwease wif a chewwy on top?"

He pursed his lips slightly before they turned into a smile. He leaned down to look in the fridge, "Pink hard lemonade?"

"Oh, you know me so well!" She praised, continuing to kick her legs.

He stood back up and passed her the bottle after opening it on the counter top, "What do you say?"

She blushed, tapping him on the cheek twice with her palm, "Thank you!" As Elle turned her head back in the direction of the pool, Harry saw the problem before she got a chance to.

Ryan was pulling away from Sandra as if they just kissed. He pushed her fiery red hair behind her ear before she grinned and splashed water towards him.

"I...." Harry trailed off as Elle jumped off the counter and ran inside.

It was getting close to sunset and people were beginning to leave. Guests were coming up to the host to thank him, but he wanted to do nothing more than chase after Elle.

First however, he excused himself from a guest and approached Ryan and Sandra, "I'm sorry but the party's over, leave."

Ryan began to protest and Harry shook his head, "No, I saw what happened and you both need to go. How could you do that to her? She's perfect and you'd just throw her away like that?"

The duo got out of the pool and Sandra hung her head in shame as they went back inside and soon out the front door.

Harry began searching for Elle. All of the downstairs bathrooms were empty, she wasn't in the living room, and only a couple of people were in the kitchen.

He started to walk down another hallway before he stopped in front of his bedroom door. He knocked gently, "Elle, darling, are you in here?"

Upon opening the door he saw a red faced Elle sitting on the edge of the bed wearing his Rolling Stones band tee.

"Sorry...I wanted to put something else on, and I know you've let me borrow this shirt before. I just needed to cover up..." she explained, sniffling.

Harry sat beside her and rubbed her back. Her mascara had started to run and he gently wiped it away with his thumb, "I'm sorry."

She shrugged, "Are they gone? I don't want him to see me...I'm so ugly..."

Harry's heart fell and he took Elle by the hands, "No. You are not ugly, by any stretch of the imagination."

She sniffled, "Then why did he go for Sandra when I was right there?"

Harry shook his head, "Because he's stupid, Elle! Any man would be lucky to even have you give them the time of day, and you need to know that you're so out of his league that you're practically playing different sports."

She laughed and shook her head slightly, "I guess I just don't feel worthy of anyone's attention anymore..."

Harry slid a hand up her neck to cradle her head as he kissed her. His other hand found its way around her waist and he pulled her into him, deepening the kiss.

She melted against his touch and threw her arms over his shoulders, sliding a leg to the other side of his body to straddle him as he lied back, grinding against him.

God it felt so good, to both of them. Elle broke away from the kiss and stared at the man's big green eyes.

He bit his bottom lip, just to taste her again and shook his head, "Elle I-"

She cut him off, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that."

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