Why you need room dividers?

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In the home, room dividers are preferred and are used for many different reasons. The one main usage is to hide the unfinished area and the messy stuff from the strangers and the visitors. Many people also use to create a more storage area in open concept design. Different people have different requirements and the preferences of dividing their space. Some also want to make the room look smaller in size and decor excellently for appealing feel.

Some of the times homes have more bodies than space. Here the room dividers are the best and work effectively. You are also can point of fact split the bedroom to create a space and privacy for each occupant.

The room separation can also be done to make decor the room and make it look smaller. The extra space is cover with the help of the dividers. The curtains are an affordable and simple way to perform this. 

Which curtain fabric is best for this purpose?

Curtains have come in a variety of the fabric and many can perfectly work as the room dividers. The choice of the fabric of the room fully depends upon the needs and the requirements of yours. For you, if the privacy is not at all the main issue, you can use the sheer, lightweight fabric like the lace, cotton or silk for the divider. 

It allows the light to enter the room and make the heat and cooling to move both sides. This fabric is the best choice where one side of the room has a window from where the natural light enters.

But if you are looking for the privacy factor in addition on both the sides of the room, chose the heavier fabric like the blackout curtains that are made up of canvas, suede or velvet. This breaks the view of both the sides and also makes it easy to use them for different reasons. 

If you want that the room is fully covered and there will no view room the other side makes sure your curtain is two to three inches larger in width from the rod. It must touch the floor for fully secure.

Are dividers works with Decor?

The curtains are available in different colors, patterns, and textures. You need to select the one that suits best with the overall look of the room. For the room, dividers make sure it perfectly goes with both rooms otherwise if you prefer one this will create the big lose. Firstly make sure that both portion f the room follow the same theme in decor so that the selection of curtains will be done precisely.

If the curtains have a great pattern, it will add great interest to space. If you already used the pattern in other elements of the room like the wall or the furniture, then the excellent decision is to use the solid color. This will help in avoiding the overwhelming feel of the space. The curtains with the best color or pattern will become part of the room decor. Bold and contrasting colors in the blackout curtains also work and can create features that can stand out.

Location of Curtains

When you decide to put the curtains as a room divider you need to view all the existing architectural features for the best location. Sometimes people use the walls and the nook area to divide the room spot. If you want to take apart the shared bedroom into two equal parts, you need to be thoughtful and logical.

Placement of the curtains is also playing a vital role in the perfectionism. Draperies can successfully separate an open concept space in parts or can also turn its dining room, living room or can create it study space from the sleeping area.

How to hang curtains?

The most common way to hang the curtains to divide the space is to hang them from the room ceiling. There are many options to complete this task. Mount the ceiling brackets so that they can give the support to the curtains rods or can help in installing the tracks. You see such separations in the hospitals. They mount the room ceilings and divide the wards into different portions with the help of the curtains.

You can also hang the curtains using the high tension wire or cables that supported both the cup hooks from the ceiling from both sides of the room. You need to determine the space where you want to hang the curtains and need to split the room by hanging the curtains to ensure the perfect separation.

When you select the location, measure the right width and the length of the curtains. This is because when you hang the curtains it will not be smaller in size and the purpose will be wasted in addition to the money and time.

Before drilling the holes in the room, use a stud finder that is able to locate the joist. After finding the points mark that places with the help of a pencil. After marking the points the next step you need to take is the rod fixing. Place it on the right place to ensure that the curtains won't fall down eventually or do not damage the ceiling and the walls of the room. So make sure you hang the curtains precisely. 

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