Long ago, eons before time began, there was darkness.

Then...there was War.

The Old Ones, beings of immense power and greatness, clashed in a conflict for supremacy that lasted for ages, ravaging the cosmos, stirring the very balance of the universe so young. They called upon Powers and Forces that modern man could not possibly comprehend, wielding weapons that tore upon the fabric of existence - weapons forged from the very fires of life.

In due course, when Creation was at the very brink of destruction, the War finally ceased - a mutual truce being called upon by every Great Being that survived the millennia-long feud. Most of the Old Ones chose to live the remainder of their incalculable existence in isolation, in the far reaches of reality. Many chose to linger on the planet they had dubbed Earth after its creator, Mother Gaia, their former battlefield. Some chose to live among the human apes that had sprung upon Earth, guiding their existence, helping them. Still, others regarded the tiny specimens as little more than kine, beasts of trade and burden, lording their greatness upon early man, driving the latter to the point of extinction.

That is, until man learned of his own greatness.

The humans soon grew stronger as knowledge was passed on to them by the kinder of the Old Ones - the Old Ones who knew that their age had ended - that the time had come to pass their torch. They learned to mold the elements to their will, shaping their surroundings in ways that furthered them. The humans soon became strong enough to wield the weapons of the gods, the Weapons that nearly brought an end to existence, and use them against their oppressors.

The darker and more arrogant of the Old Ones were driven to the far reaches of reality by the creatures they used to regard as mere insects. With wounded spirit and pride, they settled and waited for man to fall upon their own arrogance.

And of course, man did.

Wars erupted among themselves owing to disputes over power, and the Old Ones who remained fond of man decided quickly to take away the Weapons, returning them only when they have found men worthy enough to wield them.

And so came the cycle of war and peace among humankind - the remainder of the Old Ones set to guide and protect man from themselves, the darker of them poised to await the time to strike their vengeance, and the noble chosen of the humans, the wielder of the ancient Weapons, the Knights, prepared to maintain the delicate balance of Creation.

 For however long that may be.

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