dont kill me please.

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Welp... I promised a lot of you id have one out soon back at the beginning of April.... But id forgotten it was April fools when I was going to finish it and publish it... My friends joke was to switch my charger with one of my old ones that no longer have a laptop to go with and hide the one I use... By the time I found it again.... Senior year finals and graduation preparations have decided to slap me in the face. Half of my family is coming out for this.... And ive written about 50 envelopes containing graduation announcements to the half that couldnt come...
Soo... I am currently posting this on my phone as my laptop has been commandeered by my mother in her attempt to get me to focus more of studying.... If instudy anymore i swear my brain is going to melt. However i will attempt to use the school computers to finish the chapter I had almost finished. I do not trust my phone with real chapters. It deletes things. Hopefully see you guys with a new chapter soon!!

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