28: Planning Of The Spiking

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Everything that has happened in the past few weeks is completely messed up. So wrong. How can a kid be so...


I have to admit it, even if it's just to myself. I am afraid of the kid. I am afraid of the demigod.

His existence challenged what I know. His actions... How is anything ever okay with the kid?

They arrived in the quinjet. Bruce left. The Ghost King kid had taken Percy to his room. Tony grabbed something to drink while Clint and Natasha waited with me for him to say something.

"What?" He asks, noticing our staring.

"How is Percy?" Clint asks.

Tony takes a large gulp, and then a deep breath. "He's healing."

"What's wrong?" Clint leans forward.

"He's... His dad came by and dropped off some godly food and left Nico to watch over him." Tony says shakily.

"Godly food?" I ask.

"What the gods eat, heals the demigods." Clint clarifies for me. "What did Poseidon say when he made the house call?"

"Not much." Tony takes another gulp. "Hightailed it out of there. Probably feeling guilty, the bastard."

"Is that really a good idea to be cussing them out?" Natasha chides.

"Doesn't matter to me right now." Tony continues drinking.

"You can't drink your problems away." I say.

"I can try." Tony says.

"Don't let Percy catch you drinking." The Ghost King kid shows up.

"Why not?" Natasha inquires.

"Percy's first step-father." He elaborates as he walks further into the room. "Gabe was an abusive alcoholic. Percy doesn't talk about it. I just noticed that it bothers him when he sees people drinking."

Tony sets down his glass. "I didn't know."

"Not very many people do." He says.

So I was right all that time ago. He was abused. Funny how some things come full circle.

"Anyway. Back to what I came here for. Stark." The boy catches his attention. "You trust these people?"

Tony looks at us. Debating something. "Yeah, I do."

"Does Percy?"

"I think so, Nico."

Since when did they get so close?

"Alright. Swear on the River Styx that you will not tell anyone, especially Percy, what I am about to tell you." Nico demands.

"The River Styx is a river of the underworld. Breaking an oath on it is worse than death." Tony tells us.

Oh. So we just make a supernatural promise that we just can't break or our lives are forfeit. That sounds like a very smart thing to do, especially when we don't know what we are promising.

"I already swore." Tony says, earning him surprised looks from all of us.

"If you want to help Percy, then I need you all to do this." Nico says.

"Please." Tony begs. I have only heard that much emotion in his voice when we thought Percy was dead.

Cautiously we swear. Thunder rumbles outside ominously.

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