Chapter 5

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Alright, I'll go first!” Linh volunteered. She spun the bottle. Slowly, it landed on Fitz. Sophie felt a lurch of jealousy in her stomach. Linh, blushing furiously, leaned forward to kiss Fitz. She clearly meant it to be long and passionate, but he jerked away the moment their lips touched. Sitting back, Linh looked slightly hurt. *awkward silence*.

“This is boring……” Biana complained to Sophie.

“Well then what should we do?” Sophie asked. Biana got a wicked gleam in her eyes and Sophie could only guess what she was thinking about. Suddenly she knew what she was thinking.

“NOOOOOOO BIANA NOOOOOO!” Sophie exclaimed.

“What’s going on over here?” Fitz asked, his brow furrowing in confusion.

“I have the BEST new game to play!” Biana replied.

“What is it?” Fitz asked.

“Biana-” Sophie tried to interject, but failed.

“It's called 7 minutes in heaven”. She said.

“Ohhh I know that game!” Linh said. Biana and Linh quickly explained the rules to everyone, and started writing down names to put in a hat. (for those of you who don’t know what that is, it's basically a game like spin the bottle except for longer)

“Hold on, let me go grab one of my dad’s hats from his study.” Fitz said, dashing off. Once he came back, they tossed the names around.

“Who wants to go first?” Linh asked. No one answered, everyone silently willing the other to speak up first.

“I will.” Dex grudgingly agreed. He reached into the hat and pulled out a name.

“Um….it’s Marella.” He said, his already flushed face turning even redder.

“Well, what are you guys waiting for? We’ll set the timer…..unless you want longer.” Biana said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively. Tam shoved them out the door and told them to go to the Biana’s room.

“Well, while we’re waiting, let's draw the next people. Wylie, I think you’re up.” Biana said. Rolling his eyes, he pulled a name out. His eyes widened in shock.

“Its-it’s-” He stuttered.

“Well, who is it? C’mon, spit it out.” Linh urged, a tint of impatience leaking into her voice.

“It’s Biana.” He finally admitted. Everyone went quiet, but the silence was quickly shattered by the ringing of the timer. Without a comment, Sophie got up to get them. They entered the room, flushed and smiling, apparently not noticing the tension boiling.

“Well, you guys should probably get going.” Fitz said softly. As they were leaving, Tam walked up to Wylie and murmured something to him that made him jerk back in fear. Right after they left, Linh burst out of the room crying.

“Linh!” Fitz exclaimed, rushing out after her. Sophie watched him leave, envy and sadness showing clear in her eyes. Keefe walked over to her, wrapping an arm around Sophie. After a few minutes (that felt like an eternity to Sophie) Linh and Fitz walked back, holding hands and smiling.

“Guys, meet my new boyfriend!” Linh exclaimed.

“Uhh…...Linh we never made it official.” Fitz said uncertainty.

“Oh is it okay?” Linh asked.

“It’s fine.” Fitz said reluctantly, sliding his gaze to Sophie.

“I need to go to the bathroom.” Sophie said in a choked voice. She ran out of the room, with Keefe close behind her. Sophie went to the bathroom, where she slammed the door and collapsed against it. Keefe could hear her crying from outside.

“Sophie are you okay?” Keefe asked, concerned.

“Please leave me alone.” She replied, sniffling.

“I just-” Keefe said.

“No I need some space please leave.” She said, cutting him off. He left. After a few minutes, she got up, washed her face and went back to the circle where she found everyone waiting for her.

“I believe it’s your turn Keefe.” She said steadily. He drew from the bag, and as he read the name, his mouth formed a small O of surprise.

“Well, who is it? Don’t keep us in suspense!” Linh said.

“Sophie.” Keefe said, a hint of a smile curling his lips. For some reason, Sophie found herself looking at Fitz, hoping he would show some sort of jealousy. His eyes were turned towards the ground, so she couldn't tell what he was feeling.

“C’mon Foster, let’s get this over with.” Keefe said, looking almost nervous.

“I’ll set the timer.” Biana said with just a touch of envy. They walked over to Biana’s room without talking.

“Sophie…………I need to tell you something.” Keefe blurted out.

“Go on.” Sophie said.

 “I-I-like you… like like you. Like more than friends like.” He stammered out. Sophie was speechless.

“Oh Keefe that’s so sweet but-”. She said.

“I know, you like Fitz. I mean, what am I compared to Wonderboy from the golden family?” He replied, his voice taking on a edge.

“No Keefe, it’s not like that at all I just……….” Sophie said, her voice trailing off.

“Can we just be friends for now? I need some time to process, you know Linh…...but I think you´re awesome person. I´m sorry.” Sophie said.

“That’s what I expected.” Keefe said, his voice bordering on sadness. He stood up, and Sophie followed him back, wondering if she had just ruined a friendship.

“Welcome back! By the way, the next couple is………………….TAM AND SOPHIE?!!!!” Biana exclaimed.

 “Oh. Well, let’s get going then.” Tam said, his voice expressionless. Sophie headed in with Tam, not even pausing at the doorway to see Fitz or Keefe’s reactions. The whole time seemed to pass in a blur of kisses and warmth, but the whole time, to Sophie, it seemed like something was missing. If she was being honest, she thought that Tam was holding back a little as well. They both had people they wanted to make jealous.

“Fitz, you’re up.” Tam said as they entered the room.

“Alright.” Fitz replied sighing as he saw how flushed Sophie’s face was after being with Tam.

“It’s Linh.” He said, his voice not betraying any emotion.

“Okay, let’s go!” Linh said happily. Sophie might have been seeing things, but she could swear that Linh looked pleased as she saw Sophie’s face fall in sadness and jealousy.

“After they come back, what should we do?” Biana asked, trying to break the ice that was forming.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to hit the hay.” Wylie said, yawning.

“Hay is for alicorns.” Biana joked, making the ache in Sophie’s heart lift a little as she laughed.

“No, swizzle spice is for alicorns. I swear, Silveny could eat gallons of that stuff!” Sophie said, giggling. Suddenly the door opened, and Della stepped in.

“Oh, you guys are still up? I brought some cinnacreme for you all.” She said.

“Oooo yum!” Sophie said, already craving the delicious melted snickerdoodle taste.

“What’s cinnacreme?” Tam asked.

“Omg you have to taste it!” Biana said.

“You’re really missing out.” Dex added.

“Okay, this might be the best thing I have ever tasted.” Tam said after trying a sip. The door opened again, Fitz and Linh walking in, their faces bright pink.

 “What’d I miss?” Fitz asked.

 “Oh nothing much. Just missed all of the cinnacreme.” Biana said, gloating.

“What?! No fair.” He replied.

“Well that’s what you get.” Biana said, her voice darkening as she looked towards Sophie.

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