Chapter 4

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“You were prepared for that, weren't you?” Fitz asked his little sister. She grinned.

“Wait-” Linh interrupted. “What’s Spin the bottle?” Biana gasped.

“YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT SPIN THE BOTTLE IS?” She cried, distraught. Biana took a deep breath.

“Spin the bottle is a game. Whoever’s turn it is spins the bottle, and whoever the top lands on has to get kissed by the person.” Linh nodded.

“That sounds fun!” She said, side-eying Fitz. Sophie, on the other hand, couldn't be more embarrassed.

“Ok, Keefe, you go first.” Biana clapped her hands. He spun the bottle. It landed on….. TAM???

“Nooo, not Bangs Boy!” Keefe complained. Everyone (Except Tam) Smiled wickedly. Grumbling, he leaned forward and kissed him. Everyone giggled wildly.

“Linh, you’re next!” Biana said. Blushing, Linh flicked the green glass. Everyone waited with baited breath, until it landed on Wylie. Sighing, she leaned forward and pecked him on the cheek. Then it was Marella’s turn. It landed on Tam. Biana scowled as a grinning Marella leaned forward. Sophie giggled. Someone was jealous. Biana’s turn. It landed on Fitz.

“EEW!” She complained.

“Fine, but we are siblings!” Sophie couldn't help laughing at the sight. Sophie frowned. It was now her turn. Taking a deep breath, she spun and it landed on Keefe. She didn’t understand why she felt sad and he looked happy and Fitz looked mad.

“Well here goes nothing..” Sophie mumbled, leaning forward. Her lips met his cheek, and she quickly pulled back, flushing. He pouted.

“Not on the lips, sweet Foster?” He snickered. Sophie glared at him.

“I am not your sweet Foster!” She spat angrily. Everyone looked impressed.

“Ooh, Keefe, you made Sophie maaaaad.” Tam said, grinning.

“Shut it, Bangs Boy!” Snarled Keefe.

“Sophie cleared her throat to break the awkward silence. Wylie was next. He landed on Marella. Shrugging, he kissed her. No drama there.

“Tam, it's your turn!” Biana said.

 “Tam?” Linh asked when he didn’t respond. She sighed.

“He's shade-hiding!”

“Then let's continue!” Keefe sang.

“Fitzy- you're up!” cheered Keefe. Rolling his eyes, Fitz spun it. It landed on Keefe.

“WHAT??” Fits protested as Keefe grabbed his arm.

“We're best friends!” He insisted as Keefe made obnoxious kissing noises. Grumbling, he kissed his friend.

“Dawww, Fitzy!” Teased Keefe. Fitz stuck out his tongue.

“Now that everyone’s gone, we can do extremes, where you can volunteer instead of going in a circle, and you have to kiss whoever you get on the lips!!!”

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