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valerie sat in her trailer aimlessly flipping through a magazine before hearing a knock on the door. "the hell do you want?" valerie called out. "well hello to you too valerie" finn laughed walking in. "sorry how are you?" she asked sitting up straight. "i'm good i'm good how are you?" he questioned back. "i'm great" she smiled at him. finn sat down next to her looking at her. "may i help you mr cole?"she questioned putting her magazine away and looking at him.

"we kiss today" he informed "i know" she giggled "are we supposed to like practice or wing it?" he asked scratching the back of his neck. "would you like to practice?" she asked with a laugh. "uhm we could i guess yeah" finn chuckled scooting toward her. "it was your idea!" she exclaimed with a giggle pushing him away gently.

"i know i know sorry" he smiled. valerie smirked at him before scooting towards him. "alrighty uhmm" she laughed putting a hand on his cheek. "yeah that's romantic" he said holding back a laugh. "shut up finn" she laughed. finn chuckled once more before pulling her towards him and leaning in. valerie laughed just as they were about to kiss. "valerie what the hell" finn smiled throwing his hands up in defeat. she apologized before laughing once more. finn let out a groan before laughing with her. once they both calmed down finn put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her.

"that was..nice good job" valerie said putting his shoulder. finn looked at her blankly before laughing. "i'm sorry i didn't know what to say" she chuckled. "yeah i figured that out" he replied with a smile before standing up. "see you later then?" he asked looking back at her.
"yeah you will" she nodded. finn gave her a soft smile before leaving valerie alone in her trailer.

awhile later valerie got up and walked to set where she met with sophie and finn. "wow look who showed up" sophie smirked "i'm here aren't i?" valerie shrugged. sophie playfully rolled her eyes before patting the girl on the shoulder and walking off to let the two prepare. "okay so we're arguing i slap you and then you kiss me" valerie refreshed looking over the script quickly. "hm that's cute" finn laughed. "shut up i didn't write it" valerie defended with a small laugh slapping his shoulder with the script. "alright alright no need to get aggressive" finn smirked. valerie rolled her a smile still on her lips.

valerie sighed standing in front of finn holding back a laugh as the director yelled action. almost instantly finn became a different person. "god jane how could you be so stupid?!" finn yelled getting in valerie's face. "it wasn't my fucking fault michael back the fuck up will ya?" valerie said through gritted teeth pushing him back slightly. "it's your fault if you whore around every day" valerie then slapped finn's cheek not meaning to actually hit him.

"that's gotta fucking hurt" joe chuckled next to sophie.

finn looked surprised for barely a second before they both stared at each other only finn's panting being heard before he put his hands on her cheeks kissing her.

"ew cover your eyes" sophie whispered covering joe's eyes as valerie took off finns shirt. "that's so gross i cannot believe i had to see that" joe complained. as soon as the director yelled cut they pulled away. "i'm so sorry i didn't mean to actually slap you" valerie said looking at him. "it's alright" he laughed as valerie took his chin in her hands turning his face. "i thought i would've stopped my hand in time i'm so so sorry" she rambled

"hey i said it's fine" finn said when their eyes met again. "your cheek is red" valerie stated. "well that's what happens when someone slaps you valerie" finn smirked putting his shirt back on. "ugh shut up" she smiled. "no but seriously it's okay val" he assured her. "if you say so" valerie replied "i do say so but i do have to go film another scene so" finn smiled "hm okay good luck sorry again" valerie smiled kissing his cheek where he got hit. "shut up" he laughed walking away.

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