Dare Date #2

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Loxo: WE'RE BACK! It's been a whole YEAR!! Can you believe that?!

Ohkrano: *lifts his head up from his nap and yawns* Must you always be so gifted in giving headaches?

Loxo: Hey! Not my fault we finally got the chance to make another one of these!

Sunset: I don't want to seem rude, but it has been... *thinks* Approximately four months since we've updated this.

Loxo: Yup! *looks around* Hey! Where's Rose?

Ohkrano: Coming shortly... Wonder what ask or dare we have today.

Loxo: One way to find out! *looks up and gasps* OH-EM-GEE!!!!

Sunset: What is it, Loxo? *looks up* Oh my...

Ohkrano: *looks up as well* ...Bless the heart of our alpha for putting up with these dares...

Loxo: YES!!! ROS-

Ohkrano: *pins Loxo's head to the ground with their foot*

Loxo: OWWWW!!!

Ohkrano: Must you always give me a headache with your energy?


Sunset: Is Klasser even able to...do this? Especially after their last dare?

Ohkrano: I'm not really su-

*walks in the room* What's with the yelling this time?



Loxo: ROOOOOOSE!!!! You gotta do a dare!!!

*sighs* What's the dare?

Sunset: Um...well, it's from ToyBonnieXBonnieluv.

...Oh fck, I already know it's gonna be a bad one... what they dare me to do?

Loxo: A DARE DATE!!!

Ohkrano: *putting more pressure* Would you be silent for one minute!


Sunset: Klasser?

Ohkrano: ....Alpha Bloods?

... *laughing a little* You're joking?

Sunset: I wish I was, Klasser, but...it is what they dared you...

...heh...*laughs a little more before mentally crying*

Ohkrano: We can just forfeit this dare, Alpha Bloods! You don't have to do it!

Sunset: *nods* Simply because it's a dare, you mustn't need to do it!

*sighs* No...gotta do it. It's a dare and this alpha doesn't back down from nothing.

Well...who am I gonna go on a dare date with?

Ohkrano: Um...they didn't specify who to go on a date with...

...Welp... let go of Loxo so he can work the annoying gift.

Ohkrano: Whatever you say, Alpha Bloods. *lets Loxo go*

Loxo: *stands up* Yay! I say you go on a date with the one and only pure bean; Sophia!!!

Are you kidding me...

Loxo: *shakes head* Nope!

Sunset: Well, it did went well the first time with her, Klasser.

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