14 - My Bed or Yours?

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“Does that answer your question?” Sebastian said as he pulled away.

“Did I ask a question?” Lana smiled. “I can’t remember.”

“Listen…” he said softly and pushed a strand of hair out of her face. “We have two more nights in London. Let’s just try to enjoy it, and we can talk about everything when we get back home – and we’re alone,” he raised his eyebrows to indicate that Izzy was sleeping in the bunk bed just above them.

“Okay,” Lana nodded and Sebastian kissed her lips briefly.

“I better get back to my own bed or Ditzy might fall out of her bunk with all the rocking that would be going on,” he winked.

Lana rolled her eyes at him. “Goodnight, Sebastian.”

“Goodnight, Lala,” he smiled and slipped out of her bed, walking over to his own.

They fell asleep facing each other, soft smiles on their lips.


“Come on, Iz, get up,” Lana cajoled, tugging on her friend’s covers. “It’s a new day, and we have a whole city to explore.”

“I don’t wanna,” Izzy groaned.

“Come on, Ditzy,” Sebastian joined in. “Lala is dragging us to the British Museum today – can’t miss out on those dusty old mummies.”

“Eww,” Izzy responded.

“You’re not helping,” Lana glared at him and Sebastian shrugged innocuously, a grin on his lips. “There’s a museum shop,” she tried, turning back to Izzy.

“I’ve lost my will to shop,” Izzy pouted.

“Oh, this is bad,” Sebastian shook his head. “We need to call a doctor. Stat.”

“Cut it out,” Lana scowled and slapped his shoulder. “Iz… don’t let that jerk ruin what’s left of your vacation. We don’t have to go to a museum today, we can go see a show or something.”

“Phantom of the Opera?” Izzy perked up.

“Sure. That’s gotta be playing somewhere,” Lana smiled encouragingly. “So get dressed and let’s go down to the West End and see what we can find, all right?”

“Yeah, all right,” Izzy agreed and climbed down from the top bunk. She grabbed some clothes and her toiletry bag from her suitcase and made her way towards the bathrooms.

“You’re a good friend,” Sebastian said and wrapped his arms around Lana, kissing her cheek.

“Well,” Lana said and turned around in his embrace, “I just remembered that Daniel mentioned going to the British Museum today, so maybe we could go tomorrow instead…” she bit her lip.

“Fine by me,” Sebastian shrugged. “As long as I get to spend time with you.”

“Wow, Stanton, you sure got sappy overnight,” Lana mocked him.

“I’ve always been sappy when it comes to you, Lala. Haven’t you noticed?” he smiled.

“No, I guess I haven’t,” Lana smiled wistfully. “I guess I didn’t notice a lot of things.”

“Well, you’ve always been a bit dense, so who can blame you?” Sebastian teased her and Lana slapped his shoulder.

“Be nice!”

“Oh, I can be very nice,” Sebastian smirked and bent his head to kiss her neck.

Lana giggled. “Stop, that tickles! Sebastian!” she pushed at his chest. “Izzy could be back any second.”

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