13 - London Calling

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London Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom

When the conveyer belt finally came around to where Lana and Sebastian were standing, Sebastian grabbed their suitcases and made a move to drag them both along.

“Thanks, I’ve got it,” Lana reached out and took her suitcase from him. Carrying – well, dragging – suitcases for someone else was a couple-y thing to do, and they most certainly weren’t that.

“You hear from Ditzy yet?” Sebastian questioned as they headed for the Heathrow Express which would take them into London.

“She texted that they were taking the Eurostar train this morning, so she should be at the hostel around the same time as we get there,” Lana replied, checking her phone for any new messages.

She’d seen Daniel’s text when she got up, along with another text from him apologizing for being so graphic in his previous message, saying that he really wanted to see her again, and that he’d love to visit the British Museum with her. Her heart had clenched in her chest when she read that.

Daniel was a great guy, and he shared her interest in art and history, but there was just something missing. As much as she was attracted to him and liked the way he kissed her, there had been something that Sebastian stirred in her with his kisses which she hadn’t found anywhere else. Not even with Daniel.

Lana mentally shook herself out of her pointless musings. Sebastian clearly wasn’t interested in a serious relationship, just some casual tryst after which they would go back to being friends. She couldn’t do that. He should know her better than that.

Lana glanced over at Sebastian, who was taking determined strides, and wondered when exactly he’d decided he wanted more than friendship. He’d slept with Sarah in Rome, so he couldn’t have been thinking much about it then. Was it being alone, cooped up in a hotel room together, that did it? Would he have kissed her if they’d gone out and he’d met some random girl at the club? It was only these past few days that she’d noticed him looking at her differently. How long would that last?


At least she was still talking to him, Sebastian told himself. Maybe their friendship wasn’t lost forever, after all. Maybe one day they’d laugh about that night in Berlin when they thought they could be more… no, he couldn’t picture them ever laughing about that. He’d risked everything just to kiss her, and she’d responded, damn it. She’d even hinted that she had deeper feelings for him, too. But then she’d thrown the ‘friends with benefits’ accusation at him. How could she think sex was all he wanted from her?

Sebastian shook his head. No, of course she would think that. He’d never stayed in a relationship long enough to develop actual feelings. He had found faults with every single girl he’d bedded, and moved on to the next willing participant with a clear conscience. Settling down meant settling, limiting oneself to whatever else was out there. It was what his father expected of him – to find a well-bred girl with swanky connections and start producing heirs to the Stanton fortune – and that was the last thing Sebastian wanted.


“Lanie!” Izzy cried out and wrapped her arms around Lana, squeezing her so tight Lana wondered if all of her ribs would be intact once the tiny blonde let go.

“Hey, Iz,” Lana smiled. “Did you just get here?”

“Yeah, like five minutes ago,” she said, her words flowing rapidly. “Justin took Sarah and Daniel back to his apartment. How was Berlin?”

“Hot,” Sebastian replied before Lana could think of an answer. “Like 104 degrees.”

“Huh?” Izzy blinked.

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