Chapter 7

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I froze completely, my blood feeling like it had turned to ice in my veins. How could this have happened? How could none of us have realized what he was? How had we trusted him? How had I trusted him?

There stood in my room next to a glaringly open window was Alpha Mrow. Staring back at me with a deceptively soft expression. At least he had the decency to lower his eyes after a moment. Clearly he knew what he was doing was wrong. I was more than a symbol, more than a declaration.

I was a person, a person he had begun to get to know. How had he sat there speaking to me, asking me questions, learning about me when this was his plan all along?

"How could you?" I asked softly, not able to even raise my voice just yet. The walls of the house were soundproof up to wolf standards, and over the water downstairs they wouldn't hear me. I had to open the door, and even then they would get here too late. Alphas were incredibly fast, and impossibly strong. Especially an Alpha with a build like Alpha Mrow's.

He would kill me before they could get here, but they would know at the very least, be prepared in case there were an ambush. That was all I could hope for now, that they would be safe. My heart pounded in my chest as I thought of Lola, according to custom they would kill me first, but Lola was alone it was possible they had spent wolves after her as well.

"I apologize, I didn't know what else to do." The Alpha admitted, glancing up into my eyes fleetingly before looking back down at the floor. At least he had the decency to seem regretful, although it made up for nothing.

"You're despicable." I said, reaching a hand back towards the doorknob. If I would go, I would not go quietly or easily. I was going to make this as hard on him as possible, give them as much time as I could. Hopefully someone would have the time to alert the pack.

"I'm so sorry Parisa, I just, I couldn't do this in front of them. They're so protective of you." The Alpha said, looking so remorseful had he not been here to kill me I would have felt the urge to comfort him.

"As all pack members are, as all family is." I said twisting the doorknob as slowly and quietly as I could.

"Please don't do that, I'll only be a moment." The Alpha said making my hand falter in bewilderment, he could at least pretend he didn't consider it to be so very easy to murder me. The practise was barbaric, but wolves were honourable, they at least didn't ridicule the omega before taking their life.

"A moment now perhaps but it'll change both of our packs forever. Do you have any idea of the travesty that follows such a declaration?" I asked. How dare he act as though all the wolves that would perish in the name of war were ignorable. As though this would end with me.

"I'm aware how uncommon this is, but I simply couldn't pretend this wasn't worth pursuing. I thought you might understand." The Alpha said, having the audacity to look let down. How dare he be let down that I wasn't more understanding of the reason why he had to kill me and subsequently cause all the deaths that the war surely would?

"Understand that you have to kill me to fulfil some pathetic whim of yours? Is it land you want? Or is it just power?" I bit out bitterly. The dread quickly turning to anger. He was not even half the man I had thought him to be.

"I don't want either, I know you're of high status but believe me Parisa that is not why- Wait did you say kill?" Alpha Mrow tilted his head to the side with the most innocently confused expression on his face. All the niceties and innocence were just a farce to hide the greedy barbarian that hid within.

"Would you prefer sacrifice? Would it make you feel as though this wasn't as horribly wrong as it is? Taking a life just to declare the start of an event that will lead to so many more deaths?" I asked.

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