11 - Willkommen

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“You can’t be serious!” Lana exclaimed as Izzy packed her suitcase, throwing her clothes in haphazardly. “You don’t even know the guy! Not to mention he’s a druggie!”

“Justin’s not a druggie,” Izzy rolled her eyes. “And I’m not just going with him – Daniel and Sarah are going, too. If you weren’t so stubborn, you’d be jumping at the chance, too.”

“But Iz…” Lana pleaded. “This vacation is about…”

“All of us hanging out,” Izzy filled in, “yeah, yeah, I’ve heard that. But it’s not like we’re doing much of that anyway, is it? You’re glued to Daniel every chance you get – or to your phone when he’s not around – and Sebastian is off doing his own thing.”

“But Berlin will be different,” Lana promised. “It’ll just be the three of us.”

“And now it’ll just be you and Sebastian,” Izzy said plainly. “He’s been nagging for you to hang out with him for days, here’s his chance.”

“I’m not so sure he’ll want to spend time with me anymore,” Lana sighed and sat down on the bed next to Izzy’s suitcase. “This trip hasn’t exactly done wonders for our friendship.”

“Well, sometimes best friends just can’t travel together,” Izzy shrugged. “It doesn’t mean you guys won’t be back to your normal silly selves when we get back home.”

“We’re not silly,” Lana objected.

“Oh no?” Izzy raised her eyebrows at her. “Every time you’re around each other you’re either having a tickle fight, a pillow fight or stuffing your faces. I swear, Sebastian’s tried so hard to be a part of your life he’s turned into one of the girls. An annoying, obnoxious, sleeps-with-everything-that-moves type of girl, but still…”

 “Sebastian’s not a girl,” Lana rolled her eyes. “And stop changing the subject. I still think this is a bad idea.”

“Listen, we’ll meet up in London in like four days, all right? I’ll be in that hostel we looked at, and we’ll hang out. Don’t worry, I can handle myself,” Izzy said reassuringly and wrapped her arms around Lana. “And I’ll have my phone with me at all times,” she added and zipped up her suitcase. “No worries.”

“Text me the minute you get to Amsterdam,” Lana reminded her and pulled her friend in for another hug.

“Yes, mom,” Izzy chuckled. “Now, let go, or I’m gonna miss my flight. If you get bored stiff, come join us in Amsterdam, all right?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Lana sighed. “Take care of yourself.”

“I will,” Izzy beamed and hurried out of the room. Lana listened to the door slam shut and lay back on the bed. She suddenly felt incredibly alone.

“What do you want to do today?” Sebastian asked as Lana finally emerged from her room. Sarah had ducked out well before breakfast, and now that Izzy was on her way to Amsterdam, Lana felt awkward making plans for the day with Sebastian. She asked herself why, it wasn’t like they’d never been alone together before.

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