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You know that book Finding Love in a Coffee Shop by XxSkater2Girl16xX ? God, her username is a pain in the ass to type out.

Anyway, you know that book, right?

In the summary it has the beginning of explaining the blurb, but then she's written something like "I'm too lazy to write whatever-this-thing is called haha"


Now I'm not hating on Jordan. I just saw her book today and decided to make a point. So she is just an unlucky example.

But many people have retarded summaries. Sometimes they just write something like, "HI read my book!" I'd prefer no description rather than that, thank you.

And that's what she's done. But luckily for her, she's uber popular and thousands of people are already reading. We all KNOW she's a good author. Although to be honest, I don't like her writing style.


But on a good note, it's the holidays! HELL YEAH.

Today's rant will probably be short. lol.

But really guys, if you want readers you have to give a quick taste of your novel. Make it interesting, captivating and a little bit different. Something that will draw them in!

But don't go explaining the whole plot.

Every single detail is too much! So, just make the reader want to find out more.

That's all for now...sorry for the mega-short rant but I couldn't think of much to say today. But it's the last day of school for two weeks SO I DONT GIVE A FUCK

Just boring authors notes from now on. God, is anyone still reading?

1~ Thanks to the babes who checked out A Murder of Crows and Tainted Red, very much appreciated that you read my proper works.

2~ It took me a while but I'm actually getting reads on this. I'm surprised.

3~ I'm only doing 2-3 more rants on this before I focus on my new book.

4~ Sorry anyone who likes Jordan's work. Wasn't' trying to point fingers or anything!


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