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Chapter 2

Two hours later:

A tap sounded on the door to my hospital room and in walked Dr. Andrews. He was smiling so I'll take that as a sign that my test results are good. His next words confirmed it.

"Your fMRI, otherwise known as the functional magnetic resonance, came back normal which means that you will be allowed to be discharged today. I have already set everything in motion for your release. Now, I want you to come back immediately if you experience any dizziness, nausea, severe headaches or anything of that nature. If it doesn't feel normal to you I do not want you to hesitate to get medical treatment. Do you have any questions that you would like me to address before I send the nurse in with your release papers?"

I shook my head in response because I honestly couldn't think of a thing. He already informed me that I will either get my memory back or I won't and that there is no way of knowing exactly how long that could take, if ever.

Dr. Andrews smiled. '' Well, since you have no questions for me at this moment I will leave you to get ready to go. Before I leave though I do want to address one thing. Your fiance explained to me that he has told you that you gave birth to a daughter and that you will both be married this afternoon. I would like to warn you that although you have been in a coma for a little over a month that you still require at least six weeks of abstinence for healing purposes. So, I would advise no sexual intercourse for another week and a half."

At his words I could feel my face heating up. I must look like someone who stayed out in the sun too long and suffered a severe case of sunburn! All I could do was nod my head in response to his statement letting him know that I understood. Johnathan had left when they started my tests, saying that he had to go take care of a few things and I was so glad he wasn't in the room while the doctor was going over all of this! I know Dr. Andrews probably told him the same thing but it would have been too embarrassing if he had been sitting in the room with me!

Dr. Andrews walked to the door and had his hand on the doorknob when he spoke again. "I just want to remind you to take things easy. Don't get stressed out if you are not able to remember things and do not try to force yourself to remember anything or it will possibly make the recovery of your memory take longer to return." With that said he walked out the door.

Five minutes later in walked Johnathan carrying an overnight bag. When I looked at it questioningly, he placed it on the bed beside me. "These are some of your things that I had the housekeeper pack for you. I assume you did not want to have to leave in your hospital gown, correct?" He asked dryly.

"Thank you! No, I definitely would not want to have to leave in a hospital gown! I would feel as though everyone was staring at me even if they really were not. I just hope you didn't go to too much trouble to get my things."

"You are very welcome, Desiree. It was no trouble at all. I wanted to get home to check on Arabella anyway." He smiled as he said her name. Johnathan must really love her and is probably a terrific father.

"How is she?" I asked softly. I haven't even met her but I feel as though I love her more than life itself.

"She was sleeping when I got there. Andrea had fed her a bottle and said that she fell asleep almost immediately after finishing it."

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