Chapter 1

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The smell of acid and iron mixing hung over Felix like a cloud of despair. The cry of fear penetrates the empty silence, like a knife into an animal.

Felix crouched behind a pile of worthless items as the AWDT (Advanced Warfare Department Team) drove by in their Humvees. Felix had counted six, which meant that their must've been a high amount of Shriekers in that certain direction. He made a mental to stay away from that area, even though the Sparrows probably had already taken care of them. It would benefit no one if those Shriekers were not dealt with.

Felix watched as the last Humvee disappeared from his view. Feeling comfortable that he wouldn't be spotted, Felix took one more look to where the Sparrows had disappeared and crossed the street.

Felix was making his way towards an abandoned warehouse that was about one and half miles away. His main goal was to find anything valuable, anything that he could sell. He was living on a day to day basis, where survival was key.

The fog that now covered the Earth, made it hard for Felix to see further than half a mile. The screeches of a Shrieker off in the distance only put Felix more on edge. He gripped his compound bow tighter, and his fingers were ready to pull the arrow back.

Felix had now been walking for about fifteen minutes and the warehouse had now started to come in view. He slipped his bow over his back and pulled out his revolver, the Black Mamba. It was a dumb name for gun, but that's what it was called. He jogged the last five minutes to the warehouse, scanning his surroundings.

Felix had reached the giant doorway, halfway opened and leaning toward one side. He aimed his revolver and looked through the doorway, slowly walking through into the warehouse. Felix snapped to his left and right, no one was waiting to ambush him. He spotted the vault that he had found the day before, Felix was just hoping that something good would be in there.

Slowly making his way Felix stepped lightly, avoiding any broken glass or anything that could make noise. He had finally reached the vault and slipped out his dagger. Placing the tip of the knife right next to the turn dial, Felix jiggled the knife until the vault unlocked.

Felix took a deep breath and slowly opened the vault door. There inside was something that men would kill for, a treasure that could make the poorest of the poor into the richest of the rich. He opened his bag and placed the bars of gold inside as gently as possible.

Everything was ready to go, Felix took a sip of water and threw his hood over his head and moved part of the cloak to cover his nose and mouth.

Felix turned around to be welcomed by a very unpleasant sight.

Ten Shriekers gathered around near Felix and stared at him with those empty black eyes.

One Shrieker spoke. "Tick tock goes the clock, it's how it goes, I suppose."

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