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What i thought was a temporary mission turned into his obsession.

Mary's POV

He thinks I'm crazy.

I'm not crazy .

He's crazy .

Am I crazy ?

I'm just trying to survive his crazy life I have been a part of .

I've tried to reach out to him . I've tried to be his sedative. It always fails . I guess it's the stress from being an ..... 

unloved boy .......


I have been out for 5 hours it is now three in the morning. I'm heading back . I'm going to try to explain to him what's really going on .

I opened the door ....

There he was , his hands gripping his hair right on the floor crying and screaming out for help . He's still a boy trying to transition into becoming a man .

I walk over to him and take him into my arms . He immediately hugs me back . I sit there with him in my arms . His sobs fill the house . I try to calm him down,  but I keep failing.

"I'm not the one that's crazy Ethan . The one that's not ok is you . Look at me I'm going crazy because of your craziness. You treat me like a child . I feel stupid . You have me under supervision 24/7 . It's not healthy for both of us . I'm trapped in your chaotic life . I've tried to escape it countless times because it's not what I want or need . I've tried to mend our broken love many, many , many times . It gets tiring trying to love someone who is just constantly dragging you into their life by force.
I've been through so much with you . I thank you for protecting me all of those times . I also hate you extremely bad for all of those times you almost killed me . You've had your ups and downs . You're suffering inside and I get it I'm suffering too . Watching you stress and get angry behind close doors because of me scares me . It hurts seeing your partner suffer . Ever since the first day I laid my eyes on you . I wished that we would've had a sweet cliche love like the movies . Who would've known that I was in danger and you were my bodyguard. You've taken so many bullets for me and I have to . God who knows how much blood I've lost since I met you . My body has been scarred so many times all because I wanted to keep you in my life . I miss the nerdy boy I met at Vista High. His little dorky glasses . His assortment of colored cardigans . I miss the way he would blush and get nervous every time I would come around. It all turned out to be a lie . It hurt finding out your real identity. Being a 16 year old agent is a crazy life I bet . Now you're in your early 20's and crazy in love with a girl who was part of your mission to save . In the process of your mission you had to almost kill me to keep me from being done so much worse ." I was in tears .

He just laid in my arms crying more and more as I spoke to him .

"Now you're struggling to become the man you're supposed to be . Ethan Dolan are you even ready to be in a relationship?" I said .

He looked up at me and stayed silent .

I pulled away from his grip . I got up and went upstairs. I got a suit case and began packing up some of my things .

I walked down stairs after I got my stuff .

He was sitting on the couch silently. He looked so defeated. His eyes were full of regret. He looked at me . A face full of confusion followed.
He looked down at the suitcase and he quickly ran to me and snatched it out of my hands .

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