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earths mightiest heros
chris evans ⇢ steve rogers 🍫
robert downey jr ⇢ tony stark 🍩
scarlett johansson ⇢ natasha romanoff 🌶
jeremy renner ⇢ clint barton 🥓
mark ruffalo ⇢ bruce banner 🥝
chris hemsworth ⇢ thor odinson ☕️
claire shepherd ⇢ skye coulson 🍕
sebastian stan ⇢ bucky barnes 🍦
anthony mackie ⇢ sam wilson 🍪

sam wilson 🍪
excuse the fuck out of me but
when did you guys start dropping the l bomb??

steve rogers 🍫
i would also like to know this

tony stark 🍩
who said it first
i bet it was claire

skye coulson 🍕
the first night in paris
and he technically did but i didnt understand him
damn romanian

sam wilson 🍪
before you guys did the naked tango or

bucky barnes 🍦
excuse me
i thought you liked when i spoke in romanian

skye coulson 🍕
i do babe ❤️

clint barton 🥓
you guys are gross
how was it?

bruce banner 🥝
how was what exactly?

clint barton 🥓
uh the trip?
what else?
oh.. nevermind

natasha romanoff 🌶
why am i friends with all of you?

skye coulson 🍕
i had a good time.
it was nice to get away for a bit

bucky barnes 🍦
i cant wait to go back honestly

thor odinson ☕️
a bit??
youve been gone like a whole month

sam wilson 🍪
yeah how dare you
evans has been hella annoying bc he didn't want to bother you two

steve rogers 🍫
well thats a bit harsh

tony stark 🍩
well its a bit true

steve rogers 🍫

bucky barnes 🍦
our flight is about to board
we'll see you guys in a few days

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