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Chapter 29

(Sofias point of view)

I saw her talking but I defidently wasnt listening. Why did holidays have to end so fast? Its not that I hated Italian class, I get good gradea and all but our teacher just goes on and on about the same shit every time. I sat at my desk with my head resting on my hand. I looked around the room at all the bored faces, everyone basically looked dead. I turned my attention to the clock and sighed. 10:05am, another half hour of listening to this chatterbox go on and on about the same thing.

"Ok class now all together!" Miss Masling shouted.

"Suono" The class said together, everyone sounded as bored as hell.



"Suon..." the class hesitated as we all forgot the next one. Miss Masling frowned.

"Come on girls!" She shouted throwing her hands in the air. At that moment the door swung open and everyones heads snapped up. Miss Jade walked in and smiled at the class, then she turned her attention to me.

"Sorry for inturupting Miss Masling, but can I please have Sofia in my office." She smiled. My eyes widened and I looked at her. Her smile dropped as if she knew what was ahead...of course she knew what was going to happen, she called me into the office! I mentaly facepalmed myself and stood up. I looked around the room. Why is it that everytime someone gets called into a teachers office the whole class looks at you as if you shot someone? I walked over to the door and Miss Jade shot me a quick smile. I walked passed her as she shut he classroom door behind us. I dollowed her into he office and closed the door. She sat at her office chair and held up a phone to me.

"Take it"

"Who is it?" I asked grabbing the phone off her. She didnt respond but just gave me a worried look. I narrowed my eyes at her on confussion and put the phone to my ear.


"Sofia hunny? Its Aunt Sarah" My Auntie's voice shaked on the other line.

"Aunt Sarah, is everything ok?" I asked now worried. She hesitated for a long time.

"Aunt Sarah?" I wondered if she was even still on the other line.

"Sofia....Your Dad's dead."

I froze, taking in the words she had just told me. I swollowed, finding that it was hard to do so. My Dads dead? My Dad's dead. I felt my eyes start to water. I looked at Miss Jade from the corner of my eye. She was frowning at me with a worried look on her face.

"Sofia? Are you still there?" Her voice still trembling. I closed my eyes tightly as a single tear made its way down my face. How could this be happening? The doctors said he was improving the last time I was there. How could he die? Suddenly I felt my sadness get replaced with total anger. I handed Miss Jade the phone and stormed out of the office slaming the door behind me. I knew that probebly every class in my corridor had heard me, but I didnt care.

"Sofia wait!" Miss Jade called out behind me, but I didnt stop.

I ran into the bathroom and slammed one of the stall doors again, letting out a groan when I did. I walked over to the sinks and looked at my teary face in the mirror. My face looked awful. I hated crying. I let myself cry though. My Dad was dead. He was gone. When I finally got to see him again, he died. And I was so awful to him too. I wasnt angry at the doctors for lying to me, I was angry at myself for being horrible to my dad while he was still here. My dad, even though he dissapointed us in the past he was still my dad. I loved him to death and I would do anything to have him here right now. I leand up against the wall and slid down it. I pulled my knees up to my face as I cried some more, I tucked my head between my knees. Excluding myself from from my surroundings. I couldnt cope with this at all. Then it hit me.

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