chapter 9

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Today I got my black hair back and I look hella good, but ANYWAYS, I want to have a sleepova, but DD keep saying lets go by kentrell and em.

I dont want to go ova bea. Please, NO, we can have a sleepova wit them. Now you no damn well they aint gonna want to do no sleepova

We gonna see lets go. Bet. We left to go by kentrell house,  when we pulled up, we went inside. And DD yelled do they want to have a sleepova and Kd said yeah, but the rest of them said NO.

I told you they was going to say NO. Yall can sleep ova, but we aint doing no girly type shit, thats dead. Bet

We going get some cloths we gonna be back. I yelled, and walked out the door.

1 hour later

Me and DD was just pulling up to kentrell house, to sleep ova. I opened the door and saw the gang. Hey yall, wazzam KK. I loved that name, Kd gave me that name

Yall want play hind-in-go-sleep. Yeah everybody said yeah except kentrell. Kentrell you playing. No, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I said braging the Y.

Aight im gonna play. Who gonna be it. Me. Kd said. Count to 30. Bet. 1,2,3,4,5...... Run

I ran upstairs not knowing where to go. I opened one of the doors bout to go in

Damn thus room is bigger than mines, and my room is huge. Its mines, I looked back to see kentrell.

Ready or not niggas Im bout to come get yall. I ran in the room going into the closet. But kentrell ran in befo I could. I ran in the closet, because I heard Kd coming

He came in the room walking out. I was bout to tell kentrell something bout he put is hand ova my MOUTH.

Sh sh sh sh. He still out tha. He whispered in my ear and I got a little horny . His voice was so sexy when he whispered in my ear I had got a little feeling in my soul.

Then he had let me go cuz I'm finally breathe. What the fucking caught. He said while laughing a little.

My B bang. I stepped out of the closet about the run but by the time I made it to the hallway Kd had already didn't grab me saying he got me I was so mad I thought I was going to make it to base which is on the sofa

I got KK. KD you're being dramatic. I stumped my feet all the way down till I got to the sofa to go count I got the feeling I'm a new world control it though but anyways let me start counting 1 2 3 4 5..30

Ready or not here I come I went upstairs about to go to kentrell room hoping that you're still being a classy but instead he wasn't I was so mad because I honestly thought that he was going to be in a closet. But I heard  noise downstairs so I went downstairs and I caught KD behind the sofa.

I got Kd, yall can come out yall hiding spots. Everybody came running down stairs.

Im not playing nomo. This house to big, plus I dont know where every thing is or everyroom that's in this house.

Bet, how bout tou go figure it out and get to know my house. Yeah girl ita not like you aint gonna be sleeping here one day. Fuck you bitch shut the fuck up HOE,

Bitch I'll beat the shit out of you. Talk to me like that again. I just did. You want fight kalie. Bitch waz up.

DD got up and we fough. Of course I beat the shit out of her. Bitch thats why I beat rhe shit out of you, fo talking that hot shit.

Fuck to ugly ass, I let you win. Nah bitch yo ass got beat the fuck up, Kd said makinf everybody laugh but DD.

Bitch Fuck you wat you elf ear having ass. Bitch yo O big head ass, get the fuck

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