A Doll's Outhouse

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia's P

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Malia's Outfit ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia's P.O.V

I was in the Kitchen with Emma Jessie walked in to the fridge

"What's up ladies?" Jessie asked us i nodded as Emma looked at her

"Can Malia and i watch a movie tonight?" Emma asked as Jessie looked at us

"Depends what movie ?" Jessie asked as i smiled innocently

"About childeren and their toys" i said as Jessie looked at the movie

"Beddy Die time: Dolly's Revenge i don't think so" Jessie asked as i looked at her

"Why not?" I asked confused as she looked at me

"Because your too younge to watch a movie about Dolls who play Slaughterhouse" Jessie said as i pouted Emma looked at her

"What's the big deal i've seen it before you can clearly tell brains are oatmeal and Malia lived on a isle with the scaryest Villains heck her morther is Maleficent the mistress of Evil i'm pretty sure she  can handle it" Emma said as i looked at her

"Spoiler alert" i said as Bertram walked in sining and Luke's dirty laundry we all coughed a bit

"I don't know what's worse Bertram's sining or that laundry" Jessie said as i nodded a bit

"They forced Luke to clear out his gym locker" Emma said as i looked at Jessie with my arms cross

"They thought something died in there" i said as Jessie nodded i walked up to Bertram standing on the chair

"Bertram!" I yelled as Bertram screamed than took off his ear buds

"I'm listening to opera station" Bertram said as Emma looked at him

"Voluntarily?" Jessie asked as i laughed a bit

"If i'm the six caller after they play the love aria from Aida i win a free trip" Bertram said happily as Jessie helped me down and holding my shoulders

"La... What now?" I asked confused as Bertram looked at me

"In the word's most beautiful opera house in Milan Italy Opera pasta and best of all thousands of miles from here " Bertram said as Mr. Kipling came in he sniff the laundry and passed out i shook my head

"Mmm! Luke's nasty clothes knocked out Kipling" i said as everyone nodded

Them song:
Oh,oh,oh, oh Oh,oh,oh,oh
Hey Jessie, hey Jessie
It feels like a party everyday
Hey Jessie Hey Jessie
But they keep on pulling me
Every which way
Hey Jessie, hey Jessie
My whole world is changing turning
They got me going crazy the ground're
But they took a chance on the new girl
In town
And i don't want to let them down down down
Hey Jessie, hey Jessie
Hey hey hey Jessie
Malia's P.O.V

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