Yandere! Prince! Midoriya Izuku x Peasant! Reader

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He met her when they were children, as cliché as it sounded. Her father was the royal gardener, always coming in to tend to their flower filled garden. He would often bring his young daughter, (Y/n). She was a shy girl, but extremely smart. Izuku's father would often say how she could become the royal scientist if she wanted to. However, (Y/n) was only interested in supporting her family. It didn't take long for her and the young prince to become close friends. She was always by his side, helping with his lack of social education. This is how the both of them ended up meeting Bakugou Katsuki. The Warrior Queen, Bakugou Mitsuki, ended up becoming close with Queen Inko, leading her and her tribe of violent warriors to move into the kingdom. Mitsuki kept them all out of trouble, but her son was a different story. Katsuki was a violent child, always destroying. It was mostly small things, but one day he took it too far. He destroyed almost all of the Midoriya garden, ruining all of (Y/n)'s fathers hard work. When the young girl found out... well she wasn't very happy. She punched him as hard as she could right in front of both regal families, including her own as well. While (Y/n)'s father tried to comfort his upset child, both Katsuki and Izuku stared at (Y/n) with wide eyes, their cheeks hot.

They had both fallen for her at the same exact time, how troublesome.

However, Izuku thought he had the right to her. He was her best friend, and (Y/n) actually liked him. Katsuki, not so much. If she wasn't so kind, she would've hated him. It was obvious that she'd pick him, but the sad truth was that Midoriya Izuku was paranoid and insecure. Katsuki was strong, and only got stronger over the years. By the time they were teens he had destroyed whole nations. Now, rationally, that was a turn off for (Y/n). She was a pacifist and hated any type of violence. Still, Izuku had the ringing thought in the back of his head that told him she loved Katsuki. He couldn't let her pick the blonde over him, he wouldn't be able to handle it.

So, he decided to act first, before the Bakugou even had the chance to try to woo her.

Besides, it wasn't like getting her would be easy anyway. He was royalty and she was a simple village girl. No one would understand, it was forbidden to their people. He was just doing what he had to. He needed her, and if he didn't do what he did he would simply be miserable for the rest of his life. He immediately felt guilty when she protested. He had knocked her unconscious and dragged her to his room, chaining her to his bed. He wasn't going to do anything until they were married, of course. His love was a classy lady. However, he didn't want her down in the catacombs, and he knew she wouldn't be comfortable on the ground. Of course she was upset, Izuku told himself over and over again.

The prince lays next to her, hugging her around the waist. She stopped talking and protesting once she felt something wet against her bare shoulder. He was crying?

"Don't worry, once you love me this will become so much easier."


I will be doing a supernatural MHA series in this book (Ex. Werewolf Bakugou). If you have any suggestions for that, just let me know. As always, send in any requests!

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