Interview with beakyboo

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Hello again, this time i bring to you guys a new boyxboy author. If you havent read her story yet, then you should because it is just too good for words. The author of one of my favorite stories, Reasons To Love A Nerd Like Me, beakyboo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Interviewer: Why boyxboy?

beakyboo: I’ve always been drawn to boyxboy stories and have written a few fanfictions before I tried my hand at an original story. I think there’s something quite sexy about reading two hot guys getting it on haha! Perhaps it’s the forbidden love element which makes these stories so engaging to me, as there is definitely an extra dimension to a love story when it’s about a homosexual couple. I just really enjoy writing this genre which is why I thought it would be worth trying it out for my first story.

Interviewer: I've read your story, Reasons To Love A Nerd Like Me, and its one of my favorites. How long have you been planning this story? Where did the idea come from?

beakyboo: To be honest, the story just popped into my head one day… I had been watching a lot of that Nickelodeon show Victorious (my guilty pleasure) and I really loved the part of Robbie played by Matt Bennett. I could imagine him as the nerdy lead of a boyxboy story and once I had the character of Scotty, the other characters all started turning up too. I had a vague outline of where I wanted to go with the story but I’ve pretty much been making it all up as I go along haha! I think it’s taught me a lot about the importance of planning because I almost wrote myself into a corner a few times… I also cringe when I read back the earlier chapters as it took a little while to find some characters “voices”. Now I look back and think, they would never do that…!! Olive knocks on the changing room door and says “excuse me” in Chapter 1. Now I’m thinking, hey she would just barge that door right open haha!! Perhaps I should go back and do some serious editing, or maybe I’ll just learn from my mistakes this time round and try not to make them in the next story!

Interviewer: A bad boy and a nerd, those are over used archetypes, yet you made them so fresh. How did you do that? How did you made two characters so unique to in writing?

beakyboo: Thank you so much for your lovely comments!! I’m glad you feel the characters are fresh. It was really important to me to make Scotty somebody strong and confident in himself, despite being a nerd. And I also wanted to make Vincent a “bad boy” without being a total jerk. Hopefully I got the balance right and was able to make them both likeable characters. I was quite a geek at school myself and always picked on by the popular crowd, but I had a strong group of friends and we always stuck together and stood up for ourselves. I wanted to bring the message that you don’t have to fit in with the popular crowd to be happy! I also didn’t want to rush Scotty and Vincent’s love story and I tried to make it as realistic as possible without being too boring. I hate when characters in stories fall madly in love over the space of one day, it just rings so false to me. I wanted people to get to know and love them as individuals first before they became a couple.

Interviewer: This is your first story, what made you decide to publish your writing? How did you felt after you uploaded the first chapter?

beakyboo: I had been pondering for ages about whether to post up a story or not. I have started so many other stories in the past and always felt my writing wasn’t professional enough to share in public, or that they started off well and then lost the plot. But when I discovered Wattpad and a whole community of readers who liked original young adult fiction, I thought it would be the perfect platform to try my hand at something. When I skimmed through the site for the first time I noticed a lot of stories in the boyxboy genre getting a lot of hits and it made me think… hey, if other people can do it then maybe I can too!

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