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Pen Your Pride

Scene set: An interviewer asks about the boys girlsfriends (You), and these are all alternate univereses not the same interview!

Harry's Interview:

Interviewer: "So Harry are you still with that slut (Your Name Here)?"All of the boys look at Harry. Harry's jaw tightened.

"Excuse me?" The boys all shift their heads back to the interviewer.

"I asked if you were still with that slutty girlfriend of yours." Again the boys looked at Harry.

"For your information my girlfriend isn't a slut. She's perfect , and beautiful, and I love her. You don't even deserve an interview with us." The boys all stood up from their chairs, walking away from the interviewer leaving her speechless.

"Well that was One Direction, but they just left." The interviewer states sounding as shocked as you.

Harry Edward Styles just said that to a interviewer on live radio?

Niall's Interview:

"So Niall," The interviewer began. "It's no secret you have such a great love for food." He let out a light chuckle. "And it's no secret that your girlfriend does as well. I mean, look at her." The interviewer pulls up a picture of you, and Niall's smile faded from his face. "She's a chubby one am I right?" Niall's face was filled with disgust. "Excuse me, but my girlfriend is not fat. You're just an asshole, who enjoys putting people down." Before the interviewer could fit in another word, Niall had gotten up from his seat and left the interview.

You watch the screen anticpateingly.

"Niall where did you-" Your thoughts are interupted by Niall's arms wrapped around your waste.

"He's a jerk, and your the most beautiful woman I've ever met! I love you so much! So so so much!"

Zayn's Interview:

"So your girlfriend's kind of a tramp right?" The interviewer just called you a tramp? All of the guys were completely shocked that someone would even say something so rude. "I mean she's been with alot of guys. Are you sure she's clean?" Zayn stood up before saying a word. Before leaving the room he turned around and flipped the guy off. "Fuck you man." "Yeah, you're an ass." Niall and Louis were always ones to make such pleasent comments...

"Babe don't watch this crap!"

"Zayn it's true through! I am a tramp!"

"No it's not! I don't care how many guys you've been with! What matters to me is that I love you, and you love me!"

Louis' interview:

"So Harry tell us, how do you fel about (Your Name Here) being the only thing keeping you away from Louis?" Harry looks at the interviewer confused. "You know beause obviously she isn't that attractive looking!" Before Harry could awnser, Louis but in.

"Excuse me dickhead. I am not gay! I love my girlfriend, and anyone else who thinks otherwise is completely deluded! You'rerude goodbye!" You watch Louis walk out of the room. You quicklyget up from your chair feeling tears in your eyes. You see him, and the tears start falling. He runs over to you, and wraps you in his arms tightly.

"I love you!"

Liam's Interview:

Liam was trying hard to shrug off the interviewers rude comments. Like it was no big deal right? He tried to be the mature one at ignoring the interviewer, but she just keeps just keeps going on and on about the subject.

"She's anorexic right? Nobody is that skinny, I mean come on." Liam shook his head before walking away from the interviewer, the boys following in suit.

"How dare she ask those types of questions!" Liam says to Louis.

"Hey Liam calm down she was trying to get to you!"

"Well it worked!"

"I'll call Simon, and tell him we are never doing any interviewers for her again!

The End

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