Chapter 1

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Hey y'all, ready for chapter one? Well I am, now get ready to go on a ride with the main charecters of the story Mathew Stravinsky and Rebeccah Steers.

Rebeccahs POV

I woke up at 5am and got ready for the day. Brushed my pink short hair and put on light makeup.

I looked out my small window and was quiet not to wake Raine my little sister who wouldnt wake for another 2 hours. It was raining so I put on a hoodie that some guy gave to me one time.

I was walking in the rain trying to get on my wet bike to the newspaper office so I could deliver news papers.

Then a car pulled up and a boy who looked oddly familiar. I found out it was Mathew Stravinsky when he spoke.

"You shouldnt be out here this early in the rain miss."

"Neither should you im guessing." I replied.

He rolled his eyes, "Why are you in a rich neighborhood like this?"

"Im passing through, on my way to the post office so I can deliver newspapers to this neighborhood actually."

"Well you will get a cold why dont you have a coat?" He asked.

"B-because I cant afford one.." I mumbled not knowing if he would catch it

He then took off his gray sweatshirt and handed it to me.

"I cant take this." I rejected

"Yes you can and you will. I have to go. Farewell miss...Pinky." He replied with a smile.

He really didnt recognize me? Huh? Oh well.

Now I see him every morning. I dont tell him who I really am though. He will think im a loser if I say we go to highschool together and im super unpopular like nearly invisible.

I put it on the faint scent of him still lingering. Is that creepy? Nah its fine....i think.

I looked at the time on my phone. "I have to go!" I breathed to myself quietly.

My dad is still living but hes had 2 strokes and cant drive. He can barely get out of bed. So we have to pay for his and my medical bills. Why mine? Well because I had cancer a couple years back. Were still paying the debt.

Its all my fault...i didnt mean to get cancer. BUT I survived and i want to keep it that way!

I walked out of the room me and my sisters shared. My dad and baby brother had the room next to us. We shared one bathroom that was a jack and jill to our bedrooms.

Raine, Raquel and I had to share a bed as well. Not the most comfortable. Especially since Raquel screams in her sleep. Her mom abused her as a child and she was hurt terribly. She was harassed as well. Her mom Svetlana divorced our dad when Raquel was 2. I didnt even know I had another sister till i was 8 years old. Her mom went to jail. Raquel came to live with us when she was 11. Her moms out now but never came back for Raquel which im happy about.

I remember the first day Raquel showed up...

Dad told us the news and we were shocked. We picked her up at a gas station. She got out of the police car with black wavy hair and a black tanktop that had a couple holes in the stomach area. It showed her color bone which had multiple scars leading to her cheek. She was wearing black shorts and on her thigh a sloppy tattoo that said unwanted. I just wanted to hug her.

Now Raquel dropped out of highschool to get a job and save me from cancer with my dad. I survived after 2 years and my dad had a stroke, a months later another one. Most of his brain was dead. He couldnt drive and could barely speak.

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