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 " i'm so much more than just royal roy "

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" i'm so much more than just royal roy "

FULL NAME —  Choi Roy Soul

STAGE NAME — Roy / Roy Soul

NICKNAMES Royal Roy, RoyRoy, Rory

POSITION— Lead Dancer, Vocalist, lead rapper, Female visual, Maknae, Center

BIRTHDATE — December 29, 1999 (20)

ZODIAC SIGN — Capricorn

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST NAME — Royal Roy's playlist

BIRTHPLACE — Sydney, Australia

ETHNICITY — Australian-Korean

HEIGHT — 168 cm

WEIGHT — 50 kg


PHOBIA — Roy has Anuptaphobia. Which is the fear of staying single. Because of this, she dates around a lot, and hates staying single. Which means, it has earned her some mean nicknames from netizens and many idols.

HABITS —  Roy has many habits. But her biggest are swearing and being overly affectionate

Swearing: Roy is known for her 'potty mouth'. There's been a few times where she has been caught swearing by netizens.

Being overly affectionate with her PDA: Though it doesn't really bother her members, her partners or anyone she's close to, netizens love to put their say in everything.

LIKES — Skin ship, Tea, Coffee, Piercings, Video Games, Horror movies, Warm weather, Rain, Tattoos, Oversized hoodies, Fishnets, Hair dye, Music, Dancing, Being vegan, Animals, Traveling, Accents, Jewelry

DISLIKES — Thunder, Being unorganized, Sleeping to early, Not wearing socks, Being dirty, The smell of cheese, bugs, outside, the smell of meat

SKILLS & HOBBIES — Singing, Modeling, Acting, Doing makeup, Dancing, Shopping, Taekwondo,

LANGUAGES —English, Korean, Very little Japanese

FAMILY — Mother, Father, 4 half siblings, 1 step sister

CLOSEST IDOL FRIENDS — Kai, Baekhyun, Got7, Jay Park, and Rosé, and MANY more

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