The Mark of Athena is almost coming at last!!!

I've got here another short bit of this fanfic. I really, really, REALLY hope you enjoy!!!

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Annabeth stopped running to take a breath and tied her shoelaces. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and adjusted the backpack she had snatched for herself back at Camp Jupiter.

She opened it. From between her jacket, weapons, and three books, she grabbed her water thermos and drank. A paper fluttered to the floor and Annabeth picked it up: it was a photo of her and Percy embraced in a loving hug. She looked further into her backpack and found the other picture she always carried with her.

It showed Percy wearing that lovely goofy grin of his. Annabeth kissed the photo gently and whispered: "Please take care, Seaweed brain... I miss you" She stood there watching Percy's smile for a few minutes with tears in her eyes and a really huge heartache.

What her mother had asked her to do was not fair in the least, but Annabeth had to admit that Athena was right. She needed to protect Percy from the mark...

A branch crunched behind a tree nearby and a faint glow appeared to her right.

"Mother?" Annabeth put away the picture of Percy and hung the backpack on her shoulder. She walked towards the glow and found with surprise that her mother was sitting on the floor with her eyes closed, as if she was making some sort of yoga.


Athena opened her eyes quickly and stood up. She looked nervous, wich was really unusual on her.

"Oh! Annabeth, daughter, I'm sorry, I— never mind. Come over here. We need to talk."

Annabeth rolled her eyes "I know."

"You got my message, right?"

"Yes mother, and I don't understand what the hell you were talking about. I did what you told me, as you can see, but still... I see no point in keeping Percy and me apart..."

"Darling" Athena said with a soft voice, as if she was apologizing " there is a point. I knew something like this would happen but still... things got worse as you can see. And I need you to do what I told you. Did you start already?"

Annabeth thought of her owl bead, which she had left next to Percy's feet by the Little Tiber. Part of her wished that Percy had not seen it. The other part wanted him to pick it up, which was more dangerous, but still...

She gulped. "Unfortunately, I have" she sighed.

"Good. Because he'll get the clue. He's about to sail to rome you know?"


"Oh, Sweetie, don't be sad... I mean, this plan needs sacrifice, but sacrifice will lead you to victory"

"I know, I know. It's just... mom, I've missed him so bad..."

Athena's eyes turned sad and warm. She suddenly did something that surprised Annabeth. She hugged her. "I'm so sorry my child... It pains me to see you involved in this... It was not without reason that I asked Perseus to stay away from you back at the Titan War. I knew something really bad  was going to happen. But I didn't forsee that it was going to be you who would have to sacrifice her love for the world's good..."

"What?!" Annabeth exclaimed " Sacrifice what?! You can't ask me that!"

"Annabeth, I'm sorry. But if you are to save the world... you have to forget Percy."



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