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sunangel135 bhaiya late hu good luck ke lea . But interview kesa rha
I know aacha gya hoga hana

Vo Mai aapni massi ke ghar Chali gai thi toh time ni mila. Massi nai aa pa rhe the toh Hume jana pada

S- don't you dare to say that Mohit

M- ohh really
It's a joke right then what did you do Han

A- mo... Mohit please

M- No Anika
I know you never considered me as your friend but I'll not stop today

S- what are you saying

M- ohh
After ignoring her for 3 years you are asking that

S- I know I was wrong and I'm sorry for that

M- your sorry won't heal the lonleness which she felt because of you

A- Mohit please stay quiet

Mo- Anika its too much of him why he is showing fake concern

S- my concern is real
I really care for her

Mo- really
I'm here for Anika
And I wanna spend time with her alone

S - a... alone

M- any problem

S- a .Anika

A- I have no problem with you Mohit
Sorry for being rude with you these years

Mo- it's ok

A- I thought I had only one friend but he (eying Shivaay)
He never cared for me
He even...even broke our fr....

Mo- leave him
Can we talk something good

S- Anika I'm going if you need something then tell me

A- no

Anika turned her face

Shivaay left

Mohit forwarded his hand

M- friends

Anika was hesitating

M- no need to hesitate Anika
I will not eat you yar

A- yaa but I never

M- I know that you are not interested in anyone rather than Shivaay but I'm not saying to break your friendship.
I'm just saying to make me your friend

A- hmm Ok

M- you can trust me Anika

A- ok
And now I don't need to trust anyone

M- Anika
I know you are deeply hurt and I'm very angry with with him because if this

A- but I'm not angry now
I hate him

M- hate is a big word

Anika remembered their flashback

Anika and Mohit talked for few hours.
Anika liked his company she was laughing for is lame jokes

A- Mohit you are soo cute

M- you too

Shivaay was watching them from distance. He was getting jealous seeing her with someone else but somewhere he was happy seeing her laughing.

Shivaay knocked

M- come in Shivaay

S- I didn't asked you

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