Part 2- the day

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Before it starts i want to clarify things
(Y/n) - your name
(Y/l/n)- your last name
(Y/b/f/n)- your best friends name
(Y/e/c)- your eye colour
(Y/h/c)- your hair colour
(Y/f/f)- your favourite food
(Y/f/s)- your favourite song
(Y/t/n)- your teachers name

That's all :)
Your pov:

I was paying attention in history. It's my favourite lesson. I even love the teacher's lectures. But then i feel something hit my shoulder. Of course Finn fucking Wolfhard was messing around, not paying attention to the teacher. At first I ignored it but then it carried on. What made it worse is that Finn sits right next to me and in most of my lessons too. I grabbed his wrist and gave him a 'do that again and I'll hurt you' look. The fucker just smirked at me. "Miss (y/l/n) Mr Wolfhard please keep your hands to yourself and restrain from holding hands under the desk in class, you can do that in your own time" (y/t/n) said. I quickly let go of his wrist as we heard 'ooooo's' and laughing fill the room. "I'd never hold hands with that skank!" Finn yelled. That made my blood boil after teasing me all lesson i had enough. " Why would i ever want to hold hands with you! Your a terrible person! You bully people for no reason and treat them like shit!" I was going to carry on but the teacher stopped me. "Silence from both of you! Stand out side!". I quickly grabbed my bag and burst out the door crying until I found a corner of the hall where i could cry. Then the bell rang for next lesson. I quickly pulled up my hood and went to the girl bathroom. I hid in a stall and decided to skip. I never usually do this but i do NOT want to sit next to finn again. I kinda felt bad but proud as well. I sat on my phone and played games. About 2 minutes before the bell i got out cause that room soon would be full of girls. I went to the library and sat at the back.

When the bell rang people started to fill the library, most of them on the computers doing last minute homework. The usual for a monday. Then i see him. Finn Wolfhard. He just looked at me and looked away. Wtf, what was that about? His girlfriend, layla hugs him and they basically eat eachothers faces off. (Layla is a made up character i made btw). I roll my eyes and walk out. I go to a bench and sit and admire the daisies that are growing since it's spring.

The bell goes off for 3rd period and I decided i have to go since i love English. I went in and was shocked. Finn was already there with the usual smirk. I roll my eyes and sit down.

Today is going to be a long day...


There's part 2
I hope you enjoyed
- lola

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