Chapter 10

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I returned back to my hotel room, my flight is in two hours and I need to hurry. I took a quick shower and dried my hairs. After assembling everything I need, I called Lisa and asked her to stay in my apartment, to my luck she agreed.

One hour later I was standing on the airport, waiting for my flight. Everything happened so fast. Two days ago I visited my parents, one day later I had an argument with my sister which made me leave my house and this morning, that rude hothead pushed me off my limits. One of the things that I learned from everything that happened in the last two days, is from now on, starting from today, I'm never gonna be the same weak and dumb girl. I don't care who do I have to face, or what happens next, I would never be bullied by someone, never be hurt by people and their words and I would never drink.

I entered my apartment and called Lisa to ask if she's on her way here. Minutes later she arrived with food.

"What happened, Why are you back all of a sudden?" She asks as she places good on dishes.

"I don't know from where to start, a lot of things happened the last two days, I don't know if I would ever go back to visit my family." I reply my voice breaking. I hate this thing about me, every time I think about it I break into tears.

"What happened, is everything okay?" She placed her hand on my shoulder.

"The same argument with Stella and now even my mom thinks that it was my mistake. Can't they see that I'm the one who is suffering the most?" Now I finally let my tears flow.

"It's okay, don't think about it now." She caress my back as she tries to calm me.

"Not only this, I was so fuming with all this that I went to a bar alone and got drunk, then a guy took me and he tried to force himself upon me but..."

"But what, are you okay, did something happened to you?" She asked worried.

"No nothing exactly happened, he stopped and brought me to a hotel cause I passed out after that. Then this morning I had an argument with this same guy and left." I reply.

"Are you okay now?" She asks

"Yes, I'm. I just need sometime to process everything." I smile for the first time since the last two dreadful days.

"Let's eat then." She brings me my food.


The next six days, I spent with Lisa doing our usual stuff, hanging out, shopping, movies etc.

I'm feeling happy after a long time, everything is running perfectly smooth and I have nothing to worry about.

I pack my things for the college tomorrow and went to sleep.


I made my way through the hustle and bustle in the corridor and reached my class on time. Luckily there's a vacant seat in the first row. I took my seat and wait for the professor to arrive. Soon the professor arrives and keeps his articles on his desk.

"Good morning everyone, today we have a new transfer student here, Zayn Malik." The professor announces.

I froze in my seat. What, why, why he's here, how's that even possible. I don't want to face that jerk anymore, I can't. I put my head down all this time while professor was talking to him. I hope he doesn't remember me. I can't stand the embarrassment and the hostility he offers me.

When I finally lift my head up, I saw him standing in front with the professor. He's wearing a black leather jacket and a white sweatshirt inside it with black skinny jeans. If not for his rude self, I must say he has an appreciable dressing sense.

His eyes catch mine and my heartbeat stops for a second. He smirks and whispers something to professor then he made his way towards me and took the empty seat beside me. As soon as he sits, I stand up and was about to find another seat when the professor speaks,

"I hope Miss Collins, you'll help Zayn with previous notes." He proclaims.

"I... Okay." My voice stutters.

I couldn't do anything but to agree to professor. The whole time I kept my head down staring blankly at my notepad, I couldn't make a single note today. My mind was completely focussed on him, I was shocked, afraid and embarrassed. Soon the class was over. I grabbed my things as fast as I could and rushed out of my seat when I heard my name being called out and I knew who the person was.

"Emma..." His voice stops me in my tracks.

I take a deep breath before turning.

"What?" I speak with my head down. I don't want to look at him.
I saw his feet heading towards me.

"I want your notes." He speaks in calm voice.

"I don't have any." I lie still not looking up.

"Do you think i'm a fool? The professor already mentioned that you're a brilliant one here and you make notes regularly, will you still deny?" His voice turns from a calm tone to a daunting one.

"So what if I make notes regularly, there are others like me with complete notes. Ask them cause I don't offer my notes to just anyone." I snap back at him.

"Ok then explain it to professor then!" He smirks.

"Wait... Take them, but I want these tomorrow." I handover my notes to him.

He snatches my notes and walks past me intentionally knocking my shoulder. I looked back and saw him moving out of the door.

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