The last conquest...

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The last conquest...

Hi my name is Chance, I'm 18 and playing with girls is my game ;).

I get every girl i WANT, I've slept with almost every HOT girl in my year and the year below. My friends and me are the hottest guys in school and we flaunt it.

I have spiky blond hair, sun kissed skin, a 8 pack and i'm 6'7.

My mate Craig has short brown hair, slightly tanned skin, a 6 pack and is 6'5.

And last but not least Tony, he is typical scene kid, black swept across his forehead, bone pale skin, a 6 pack and is 6'6.

We were currently sitting in gym class; the teacher was busy, so we got to sit around and chat. We were talking about summer break, that is coming up in two weeks.

"So my parents are paying for me to go to Canada for the holidays! What about you guys?" Tony asked.

"Europe" Craig said, "Australia" I replied.

We then started to talk about away to stay in touch over the holidays; in previous years we played a game such as: who could collect the most souvenirs, scare the most people and stuff like that.

We haven't always been players, we only started this year and yet we still rule the school! So I thought of a way to combine our new player ways, with our old games.

"hey guys, how about we play 'who can bed the most girls!'" I suggested.

Tony had a look of determination on his face, while Craig had a questioning look.

"rules?" Tony asked.

"We have to bed different types of woman; we can write a list. And whoever finishes 1st can have my title of KING OF THE SCHOOL!" I told them.

"Im in!" they both yelled. we had a vote to see who was the king at the start of the year and the ladies voted me!

By the end of the day we had a list of 24 types of women:

- Local girl

- someone from another country  

- cheerleader

- nerd

- older woman

- younger woman

- married woman

- bi-sexual woman

- christian woman

- minor celebrity

- party girl

- model

- collage student

- cougar

- a mommy

- heart broken             

- blond cutie

- sexy brown haired girl

- black haired babe

- girl named Viola

- girl named Lilly

- girl named Lexi

- a girl with a guys name

- and the girl that is not interested...


1. Can only use one  girl per category.

2. Have to go all the way with the girl.

3. Can't have contact with the girls after the conquest.

4. Can't have outside help to find girls.

5. Have to have full names of girls and pictures.


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