Chapter 57

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The headache felt like million anvils dropping on his head. He should have just ignored that scene. There was no need to look around him when all he wanted was to reach his home after a hectic day at work.

But didn't know why he had to look at that red car with a bumper sticker on the back. Maybe because he knew whose car was that. His long lost father.

He would have forgotten everything but Daiyan saw him, happy with his small family of a wife and a little girl. His father's arm around the girl's shoulder crawled like a snake on his heart.

Why he found this happiness outside his family? Why he wasn't happy with him? What did his mother do to push him away? Couldn't he swap their places?

"I think we're good to go."

"Her heartbeat is a little low."

"He's her husband."

"She's too young to go through this."

"That's right. Go ahead."

"Check her pulse."

A low pain crept upto his side as a faint wince escaped his lips. Was he in some kind of dream? But it felt so real. The pain in his side, the low mumbles around him and the thought of some girl at the back of his head.

It all turned into dust and numbness just after a few moments later as Daiyan began to see a huge building in front of him. It was an unknown place and he was sure he never felt this type of churn of the gut in his entire life. He was neither afraid nor surprised but Daiyan could feel a shrill shiver in his veins. Maybe he was alone and that was the thing which was pushing him into a pit of worry.

"Hey big man." Daiyan had to turn on a sweet voice coming from the other side of the room as he entered the building. Didn't know who was she? How could she recognize him without even looking at the door?

"Taste this cake."

A lady with a hijab extended a spoonful of chocolate cake. Her smile was peaceful as she watched him and waited for him to taste the cake. He hesitantly took the spoon in his mouth, the light taste of chocolate melted on his tongue.

"It's good."

The lady flicked his head, shaking her own, "Always miser with words." She came near him with a small smile, her fingers moving on his cheek as she looked in his eyes. It all felt similar to someone but he couldn't remember her name.

He made sure to put his hand on her cheek, trying to treasure the warmth he was getting through her closeness. His gaze flickered to the shining diamond in her nose as her lips moved near him, his heartbeat jumping a moment or two.


His hands turned into a fist as the lady vanished on the voice of his mother.

"I'm sorry..."

Why his mother was apologizing to him? What did she do? He couldn't remember anything that would put his mother as guilty.

"What's her blood pressure?"

"Everything under control?"

"Is he stable?"

The voices echoed around him one more time as his mind again went into some kind of slumber where he could feel numb and active all at once without having any grip of his surroundings.


She pursed her lips not liking that even after being in the same room with Safiya, Daiyan was just focusing on that silly file in his hand, his fingers busily moving on the calculator.

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