Chapter 18

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As I wake up I find Storm blushing crimson and I see the tips of Loke and Nashi's hair. I also hear Loke laughing really really hard like it's funny but not funny hard.

" Well that's disappointing I was hoping for some lip action considering that this is the last time you'll see her." The bad nurse lady said. ( leave me alone I cant think straight while eating). Wow that was pretty... wait a minute...Lip action..Nashi..Loke laughing... Storm blushing..

HE KISSED LUCY'S DAUGHTER. ( more like she kissed him)

But apparently not on the lips. But still I'm gonna have to beat up Grey for letting them kiss. Especially since Erza won't let me fight the kids cause apparently I'm to stupid. (Natsu what type of logic is that)

I get up and head over to Storm and pick him up by the collar.

**-__-** Storm**-__-**

Uncle Natsu come over and picks me up by the collar.

"You kissed Nashi." He asked no more like states.

"She kissed me." I say back.
" I can second that." The nurse girl says chuckling in amusement while still on the floor. It's like shes not even trying at this point.

"No one asked you." Natsu says while putting me down and walking towards the Nurse lady.

"But now that I think about it your comrade was about to tell me who Nashi's father is so your either going to tell me or I'll burn you to a crisp." Natsu says picking up the now shivering nurse lady.

"Oh and while your at it tell us your name because I'm tired of calling you nurse lady in my mind." I add cause honestly this is getting annoying.

**○^○** Nashi**○^○**

As I hold onto my mommy the imposter starts transforming into a demon. Then she grins an evil grin.

"Let's play." She says while moving toward me and mommy.

"I won't let you touch my daughter." Mommy says while pushing me behind her.

"Open gate of the Crab Cancer." Mommy says and adds "Star Dress Cancer form."

"This is not acceptable you need to be getting ready for your wedding." The demon says looking at mommy.

"What does she mean by wedding?" I ask curiosity taking over me.
"N-nothing." Mommy stutters getting into a fighting stance.

"Stop filling my child with thoughts." Lucy told the demon. Wow is she planning a wedding with daddy fufu.

"You know what stop the nonsensical talking lets fight." Mommy said in a scary voice.
"Let's fight then I was waiting for you I need to send you back to your wedding anyway." She said in amusement. It was like she wasn't trying anymore.


I feel like I've got to sneeze but I know I've got to hold it in or it'll ruin the moment. I examine her face and I see her eyes dilating like she was going back to something. More like somewhere

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490 words
And it was short but it's something so bare with me. Also if you have no clue on what's going on I took over Wolfys_Shadows book Called Nashi's Ash so go check out the description and first 17 chapters there oh and the video is nothing important but watch it

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