Plans for when i will crush humanity-and rule the world!!!

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  • Dedicated to Stewart


my name is alice.

I am soon to be your master.


you wonder how?Ill tell you, you have a right to know the many ways of torture i have discovered.

How have i discovered them? I used them on your ex. not really, but its a good idea, right??

Anywho,  through thes writings, my plan will unfold, as i slowly become the most evil(and can i say...female?)tyrant known to humanity!!!


oh, you dont believe me? DEATH!!! DEATH TO THE UNBELIEVERS!!

no, wait scratch that, torture  so painful, you will wish you were dead!!!

hehehe.... if only you knew....Oh, wait, imm telling you now.


Just wait, stupid mortal. I will hold you in the grip of my hand. Soon.

oh wait, dinnertime.(lasanga... i will eat that everyday when im a dictator... LAW #1!)i will RETURN!!!!


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