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Gucci flip-flops, a swaying tennis racket, and a meticulous smirk, Kim Taehyung made his entrance into the backyard filled with bouquets of flowers and garden fountain that drizzled precious water he paid thousands for.

His steps halted, suddenly feeling the need to relish in the blazing sun that shone down on him perfectly. His honey skin soaked in the burning heat, his fingers brushing the black bangs out of his face to catch a glimpse of the light.

In his mind, he imagined the ending scene of a movie which would consist of his back muscles flexing in damning moonlight as he contemplated if he should jump of the a balcony or not.

The thought was rudely interrupted by the sound of bread breaking and a scolding voice of an old man that he had grown to hate so much.

"Ah, come here and eat or shall I drag you by the ear instead, Taehyung?!"

"Fuck you Jin."

"You already did that last week partner."

Taehyung joined the six other boys who were seated at their outside dining table for breakfast. An empty seat with the name tag that read V on it told Tae to go sit over there but he was in the mood to piss of Jin more.

"You told me you wanted to fuck me, thank you very much."

Jin only chuckled before grabbing a slice of toast and spreading jam on it. "I could fuck every one of you right now and that still wouldn't make me give two shits about your asshole."

Jimin shifted uncomfortably thinking about the current ache in his asshole from Namjoon but grabbed for the orange juice across from him.

"Shut it, hyung." Namjoon shot, annoyed by Jin's antics.

"You know I'm right." Jin only continued.

Tae leaned over to snag a bite of the toast that Jin had been waving around for the last minute now.

"I have to agree with Joon on this one." Hobi shook his head in displeasure before giving Yoongi a strawberry that sat on his fork.

"Me too." Jimin agreed silently which only infuriated Jin even more.

"You're only saying that because the dude put his dick up your asshole last night, Jimin."

Jimin's cheeks turned a bright pink as he spit out the contents of his drink from his mouth. The orange liquid landed on Jungkook - who for once hadn't started the problem yet.

"Guys we have a fan sign in less than an hour, we shouldn't be bickering." Namjoon stood from the table, dusting the slight crumbs of his blueberry muffin of his clothing.

"Jungkook go clean up," Joon started, "Jimin, I'm sorry about your ass but you need to get it together. Hobi and Yoongi get your makeup done before we leave. Jin be respectful. And Tae eat some breakfast and get dressed."

Namjoon excused himself as did Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Jimin. Jungkook quietly ate his breakfast burrito while Tae sat in Jimin's seat, stealing leftover pancake from the syrup filled plate.

"What's up baby boy, you're quieter than you usual." Tae reached over to touch the younger's hand which reacted a soft purr.

God, Tae really did love this boy.

"Do you think we will find another one like her?" Jk sighed in his palm softly.

Tae repeated the same action, running his fingers through the boy's brown locks. A strand fell over his warm eyes which made Tae's stomach tingle.

Jungkook looked in the boy's eyes, watching as Jungkook carefully bit his lip and Tae could feel his dick get rock hard in his tennis shorts.

Only Jungkook could do that.

"We are going to find her, " Tae held the doubt back in his eyes and focused on what he was preaching, "she is probably eating a biscuit as we speak."

That made Jungkook smile which made Tae grin even wider.

"I have an idea to make you feel even better." Tae's lips sparkled with saliva.

Jungkook quirked an eyebrow in curiosity.


"Never mind, let's to get dressed."



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