Chapter Forty-Eight

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The beautiful chandelier hanged above the two, Catriona who took a glance at the ceiling saw the chandelier sparkling as if saying good luck. Music has flown around the room, smooth and alluring.

All eyes were on them, watching with awe, jealousy, and intrigue.

They danced to every stroke of each note. Catriona's movements flowed with dazzling grace. Nikolai's hand was on her waist guiding and supporting Catriona in every movement. They turned and twirled like they have been dancing together for a long time.

Catriona had never been so alive that she couldn't help but let her emotion slip to her face. She smiled widely. Free and lovely. Everyone saw her smile. It was breathtaking.

The unexpected warmth rushed through him. The way her lips lifted upward and her one dimple appeared that gave a warm glow of happiness as Nikolai watch his wife. Her smile was a ray of sunlight.

The music ended. Both of them panted but didn't let go of each other.

The sound of applause vanished when her golden eyes landed on a pair of bluish grey ones.

Those dark eyes stared at her with soft gentle expression. Nikolai laughed with ease. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

She stepped away and they curtsied. Catriona didn't dare to look at Nikolai with her heart beating fast from the dance. Was it only from the dance?

She knew then it was bad for her heart. She wasn't prepared for this version of Nikolai.

Nikolai took a step towards her and tucked the strands of her hair, which had fallen in front of her face, on her ear.

"I knew it. You looked more beautiful when you smile like that," he said and faced towards the crowd. "I regret not making you happy." His voice came out in a whisper as his hand touch her back and guided her out of the dance floor.

The music started once more and more partners came to dance. Gone was the exhaustion that they had.

Princess Lucinda approached them. "Nikolai, we need to talk. It's very important."

Catriona stepped away from them without a word. She didn't know where to go and let her feet dragged her away, away from Nikolai. The palace garden can be seen from the balcony where she stood. That's where Lily and Nik should be at this moment.

She watched the snowflake fall towards her opened hands and quickly melted away from the warmth. A tear rolled to her cheek then a sound of sob came.

"Why?" She asked herself as she wipes the tear with her hand roughly. The sob became laughter but her tears continued to fall. "Why?"

"My poor Cat."

Catriona froze, stiffened from the voice. She knew that voice. She looked around to find her and when she turned around. A woman stood before her, long brown hair that reaches to her waist, eyes of color gold just like Catriona's and a child on her arms.

"Cat," Catriona whispered to her reflection on the glass door.

Catherine Gardose, the person who she was before death took her life again. A smile form on Catherine's lips.

"You've been lying to yourself since the day one, Cat. Not because he looked exactly like my husband that doesn't mean he's Nick and will treat you like Nick had. He's a monster through and through. Never forget that, Cat."
[A/N: Nick is the husband from earth.]

Catriona remembered Nikolai at the dance and the days before that. Those soft looks and caring voice.

"That's called acting, deary. You never know if both them (Lily and Nikolai) are on this together just to mislead your feelings and after you let your guards down, he'll kill you just like before and make Lily his wife. Perhaps they all laughing at you right now."

Catriona knew that Nikolai will never be Nick. The husband she loves from earth. And yet she still clings to this false hope, hoping for him to change as she suffers once more. It's so hard to move on when all you see was the reminder of the person who had been a part of your life.

She looked over to the people inside then back to Catherine, her eyes landed on the baby she was carrying. The baby was covered around with a white blanket. She tries to look at the baby's face but all she could see was a shadow.

Her heart squeezed in pain. My child, she thought.

Catriona's hand touched her stomach, her fourth-month baby.

"You don't even know if he is the real father of the child inside you. You have no memories the night that happened. And top of that he even tried to kill you and your child."

Her legs buckled and kissed the cold floor. It did enter her head. It was agonizing thinking about it. But why did he marry her if it wasn't for his child she was carrying inside her?

"Stop deceiving yourself. It's so pitiful just to look at you. He will never love you as Nick does. He's a monster like his father."

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