10. february 1, 2019

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"Elle! So glad you could make it!" Anne cooed as Elle hugged her before entering Harry's stunning Beverly Hills mansion with her mother.

"This place is amazing!" Elle gushed, admiring the grand double staircase and marble floors, not to mention the glamorous chandelier that hung above her head in the foyer.

"Most everybody is outside, some of us are in the living room," Anne spoke as she led the ladies in.

Elle couldn't get over the glamour of the home and she wanted it all for herself. She could just imagine how regal Harry looked walking these halls.

"Where's Harry?" Elle asked Anne, now that he was on her mind.

"Oh, I think he's out back, love."

Elle thanked her before straightening her outfit, a silky ivory spaghetti strap top tucked into tight black jeans with some red chunky heeled pumps. She held her denim jacket over her arm as she went outside, surveying the crowd before hearing her name, "Elle-bear!"

She spun around and saw Harry approaching her with a smile, looking as good as ever.

"Hi lovely," he greeted, giving her a small kiss on the cheek. She felt herself blush and tried to suppress it when she hugged him.

"Happy birthday, Harry," she smiled, "Twenty seven, huh?"

He nodded, "Crazy, right?"

"Yeah. I have your present."

She passed him the navy blue box wrapped in a white ribbon and he turned it over in his hand, "What is it?"

Elle snorted, "Well that kind of defeats the purpose of a surprise, doesn't it?"

Harry playfully bit his lip as he undid the ribbon, opening the lid of the box. Inside was a silver ring with two jewels embed in it.

"It's a sapphire and an amethyst, our birthstones," Elle explained.

Harry noticed the two gems were sat inside an engraved heart. He slipped it onto one of his only fingers without a ring and held his hand out to look at it.

His heart was warm and his stomach fluttered over the present. He pulled Elle into another hug, "Thank you, sweetheart, this means the world to me."

"Oh hi, Elle."

Elle mentally groaned at the familiar voice behind her, "Hi Melissa."

"Babe, look at what Elle gave me," Harry showed off the ring to his girlfriend.

"Lovely. Now will you please come finish our conversation with David?" Melissa tried to pull him away.

Harry rolled his eyes, "I'm coming, okay? One second."

The brunette walked away and Elle awkwardly stood there, laughing at what she was about to say in her head, "So, things seem to be going well with Melissa..."


The eighteen year old shrugged, "She seems like an exciting time is all I'm saying."

Harry tilted his head, "Don't push it."

"Sorry," Elle apologized, trying so hard to hold back a laugh.

Harry chuckled slightly causing Elle to release her giggles.

"You think you're so funny huh?" Harry joked, grinning as he picked up Elle by the waist and lifted her. She kicked her long legs and laughed as he spun her before setting her back down.

She playfully tapped his chest, "I'm a comedian, just remember that."

Elle left Harry to go find alcohol and stumbled across a cooler with some beer and hard lemonade in it.

She picked out a pink lemonade flavor and popped the bottle cap with her elbow, a trick her father had taught her on a beer bottle when she was little that caused her mom to practically have a heart attack.

Sipping the drink, she found her way over to a group and joined a conversation. Elle had always been very sociable and made friends easily. It definitely contributed to her popularity.

The people she spoke with turned out to be some of Harry's old college friends and they hit it off immediately. Before long, Elle had been through one drink, then two, then six and was fairly tipsy.

She had thrown her jacket over her shoulders and focused very hard on walking to the back door to get inside. She made her way over to the restroom not feeling too well and wanted to splash some water on her face. She was about to knock on the door when Melissa walked out.

"Oh is someone drunk again?" Melissa playfully asked, eyeing Elle up and down, "Drunk enough to be a slut around my boyfriend again?"

Elle scowled and crossed her arms, filter gone along with her sobriety, "Maybe if he actually wanted to pay attention to you, I wouldn't be so distracting."

Melissa's mouth dropped open, "He isn't with you, stupid bitch! He's with me!"

Melissa was clearly drunk as well, holding on to the doorway of the bathroom for support. Her face was red and her hair was falling out of its updo.

"I have been competing with you ever since I met Harry! You're so insignificant!"

Elle smiled, relaxing her stance, "If I were so insignificant, you wouldn't have to compete with me at all. Real women don't compete with other women."

Elle gently pushed past the brunette to get into the bathroom when Melissa spun around to face her, "Yeah, well at least I'm not an eighteen year old alcoholic because my daddy died!"

"Get the fuck out of my house."

Elle's heart felt empty as a tear fell from her eye.

Harry stood there, arms crossed, staring at Melissa.

She smiled, "What, baby?"

"I said, get the fuck out of my house!"

Melissa's face fell and Elle could only watch silently as tears welled up in her eyes.

"Our house, baby, our house, you can't kick me out of my own house!" Melissa argued, borderline yelling.

Harry walked over to the front door, "Yeah, well my name is on the mortgage so leave. I don't give a shit where you go, just don't come back unless it's to get your stuff. We're done."

He held the large wooden door open for her and she stumbled out onto the front step.

"Call yourself a cab, you're wasted. But don't come back."

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