Last One- Scenes 3 and 4

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*Scene 3*
(Adele and Demi waiting to go into class- stage left)

Adele: hey...demi (waves her hand in front of Demi's face)

Demi: huh

Adele: u ok

Demi: huh yeah... something's just on my mind that's all

Adele: ok. You sure you're ok though

Demi: yeah, I'm just tired that's all

Adele: alright. Oh, what are you doing this weekend by the way?

Demi: nothing on Saturday and haircut on Sunday

Adele: oh what are you thinking of getting

Demi: might get a side cut and a trim

Adele: sounds nice, send me a pic after

Demi: nope you have to wait like everyone else

Of course, Adele didn't know what a 'side cut' was and assumed it was a hairstyle or something but Demi would never wear her hair up or anything

Adele: seriously I'm your bff as well please

Demi: nope

*Scene 4*
(Adele, Joe and Ethan on stage left waiting for Demi to come in from stage right)

Adele: hey did Demi tell you she had a haircut yesterday

Joe: no but I got this picture

(Joe shows his phone with a picture of hair on the floor)

Adele: jeez, did she tell you what she was thinking of getting done

Ethan: no

Joe: did she tell you

Adele: yeah, she said she was gonna get a trim and a side cut

Ethan: wait she said she was getting a side cut, oh this is gonna be interesting

Joe: that explains the amount of hair on the floor in the photo

Adele: what, I don't understand

Ethan: do you know what a side cut is

Adele: no

Joe: a side cut is when one side of your head is shaved

Adele: so, you're saying she got that, well, this is gonna be interesting

(Demi enters from stage right and walks up to Adele, Joe and Ethan)

Demi: hey, well what do you think

Ethan: woah

Adele: wow

Demi: well, (pauses for a second) do you like it

Adele: (half squealing and screaming) you look badass as fuck

Ethan: it looks really nice

Demi: well, Joe what do you think

Joe: it's very out there and different

Ethan: come on joe it looks really good though it suites you demi

Demi: thanks, I'm glad someone likes it (looks at Joe)

Joe: it's not that I don't like it, it's just different from your old hair

Demi: eh ok then, you'll get used to it anyway

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