7. september 23, 2016

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"Elle-bear! Why don't you go open the door, someone just knocked!" Monica called from the kitchen over the loud party mix Elle had playing. The now sixteen year old beauty excused herself from the conversation with her friends and skipped through the living room to the front door. She straightened her silver sequin minidress and matching tiara before opening the door.

"Harry!" She exclaimed, hugging him immediately.

"Hi love, happy birthday! My god, you look so grown up! You still have that little princess tiara though," he joked, tapping the crown on her head.

She laughed, pulling him in, "Of course I do!"

A woman standing behind Harry cleared her throat and he smiled, "Oh, Elle, this is my girlfriend Melissa."

Elle pursed her lips slightly before plastering on a fake smile, "Mhmm. I've seen you on his Facebook, nice to meet you."

She went back into the living room before the woman could even respond. Harry and Melissa went into the kitchen to say hi to Monica as Elle went back to her friends.

As Elle grew up, she quickly became popular among her peers. She was a member of the school's dance team and was known to be dating a football player, Danny Stevenson.

She laughed loudly at one of her friend's jokes and Harry smiled at her from afar in the kitchen. It had a been a couple months since he'd seen Elle, which is much longer than usual, but he was so wrapped up with his new job training to become the CEO of a business that he just hadn't had the time.

He missed the dorky little girl she was underneath her grown in popular exterior.

He watched as her and her girlfriends went out to the backyard where most of the boys were roughhousing. Harry peered through the window as Melissa spoke to Monica, seeing Elle approach a tall young man, bulky for his age, and wrap her hands over his shoulders as she kissed him.

"Uh, pardon me, I'm going to step outside real quick," Harry excused himself from the women and went to the back yard.

Elle spotted him and ran over, "Harry, meet my friends! This is Cindy, Emma, Kelly, Grace, Shelby, and Kayla! They're all on the dance team with me! And then these are Joe, Conner, Bradley, Jace, and Danny, they're all football players!"

Harry chuckled, lifting the beer slightly that he had picked up in the kitchen, "Nice to meet you all, just know I'm not going to remember any of that!"

The girls laughed and the boys were already distracted again. Harry gestured to Danny, "That your boyfriend?"

Elle blushed, "And what about it?"

Harry sipped from the glass bottle, "Is he good to you?"

"Extremely, thank you very much," she retorted, mildly upset at his judgement. She loved Danny. He was so hot, and treated her well.

Harry shrugged, going back inside. Melissa immediately wrapped her arms around him, "There you are! What were you taking to Elle about?"

Harry furrowed his brows, "Does it matter?"

"It looked like it did to you."

Harry pulled away, "Hey, don't be bitter! I was just meeting her friends, Mel, calm down."

They sat on the couch beside Anne who had gotten there a little before them and the three began to talk when Harry's phone buzzed.

(213) - 555 - 0379:
I'm here out front with it

Harry's heart began to race and he couldn't help but smile. Elle's present was here. He stood up and walked to Monica in the kitchen, "Monica, if you're ready, Elle's present is here. I'm going to go outside with it."

She grinned and clapped, "Ooh, goody! I'll get the camera and the kids!"

Harry left out front and Monica grabbed her new and more modern home video camera before stepping out into the back yard, "Everyone come inside, we have a surprise for Elle!"

Elle looked confused, but everyone excitedly came in as Monica directed them to the front of the house, "Okay, Everyone go out front, Elle-bear make sure you're in front!"

Monica led them out, making sure she was ahead of the whole group to get her daughter's reaction.

When Elle walked out and saw the present, she screamed in delight. Harry stood beside a shiny cherry red brand new Fiat, matching bouquet of roses in hand, "Happy birthday, princess!"

Elle ran out and her friends all cheered and laughed as she hugged Harry with all her strength, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Harry noticed Melissa standing in the doorway with her arms crossed but he didn't care at all. Today was about Elle.

"We can take it for a test drive later," Harry spoke, tussling Elle's hair like he always used to do.

"You made this the best birthday ever, Harry."

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