6. december 25, 2012

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It was the first Christmas Monica and Elle had without George there with them. They couldn't pretend that it wasn't difficult, but the constant love and support from Anne and Harry got them through it.

The two spent the night on Christmas Eve, and now at nine o'clock in the morning, Elle had waited long enough for presents. She bounced through the halls in her Christmas themed nightgown, white with angels on it, and knocked on the guest room door.

"Harry! Harry come on!" She pushed the door opened and ran in, turning on the light and jumping on his bed.

"God, Elle," he groaned, putting a pillow over his face, "Could you be any louder?"

"Sir there are presents down there and I am tired of waiting!" She sassily replied, crossing her arms.

He moved the pillow, "What if you only got coal?"

"No, that would be your stocking!" She joked, trying to pull him up. He groaned, sitting up and flipping the covers off of him.

Elle jumped off the bed and ran downstairs, Harry following behind. Anne and Monica were already on the couch downstairs, coffee mugs in hand.

Anne chuckled, "I was wondering if you were ever going to get up."

Harry wiped his tired eyes, "Yeah thanks to my own personal alarm clock, I did."

Elle grinned, sitting by the tree, "Can I open my presents now?"

Monica smiled, "Yes, Elle-bear, hold on and let me get the camera."

Her mother began recording and Harry sat on the floor by the tree too. Anne gave him a look and he shrugged, "What? Is nineteen too old to be excited about presents?"

Anne shook her head laughing, "You're a bigger child than the twelve year old next to you."

Harry grinned jokingly before handing Elle a present, "Here you go, Mrs. Adult Elle."

She took the box and smiled, "Thank you very much." She began unwrapping it and smiled with a gasp, "A Monster High doll! Oh and it's the one I wanted! Thank you mom!"

Monica smiled, still recording, "You're welcome, Elle-bear!"

The pair began opening all their presents, Harry getting useful things like a coffee maker for his apartment, and socks, while Elle received dolls, clothes and books.

Elle looked at her stack of gifts and frowned, "Harry, you didn't get me anything. I painted you a picture of us."

Harry nodded, "Oh I did too get you something! It's in the backyard, though."

Elle grinned, "So that's what's been in the back yard!"

Monica hadn't let Elle go in the backyard for two weeks, and had the blinds shut as well in preparation for Harry's gift to Elle.

"Close your eyes," Harry said with a smile, helping Elle stand up, "Take my hand."

"Don't run me into anything!" Elle joked.

Harry laughed, "Well I was planning on it, but since you asked so nicely, and by that I mean not nicely at all, I guess I won't."

He led her into the backyard and grinned at his creation, "Okay open your eyes in three...two...one!"

When Elle opened her eyes, her jaw dropped, "Oh my god! A treehouse!"

She ran over to the big oak tree in their yard and climbed the rope ladder hanging down from the structure.

"Are you coming or not, loser!" Elle shouted to Harry. The teasing words a ploy for her to hide her girlish crush on her friend. He ran after her, climbing up as well as Monica recorded them.

Anne laughed, "He spent so much time on it. It's crazy what he does for her. He's so sweet. He may not show it all the time, but he is."

Monica nodded, "I'm glad he's really been there for her. It's hard on her, really hard."

Anne gave a comforting side hug to her friend, "I know, love, I know."

Elle looked around in wonder inside the tree house. Harry had decorated it with two bean bags, a table and chairs, posters of Elle's favorite singers on the walls (Big Time Rush and Ariana Grande having prominent spots), and board games in the corner.

"I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She squealed, hugging Harry. He laughed, "You're welcome, I figured you could use a cool hang out spot."

Elle laughed, "I only wanna hang out with you!"

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