4. may 31, 2010

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The Matthews sat in the chairs set up on the football field with Anne as she snapped pictures of the graduation ceremony. The valedictorian had just made her speech and the ceremony was about to begin.

"When is it Harry's turn?" Nine year old Elle whispered, leaning over to her mother.

"Not till near the end, Elle-bear, it's alphabetical."

Elle cocked her head, "Oh. What does that mean?"

Monica smiled, "The last names are organized like the alphabet."

"So I'd be in the middle?"

Monica nodded, "Exactly."

Elle impatiently sat through the high school students she didn't know or care about. They had gotten there early so they were in the first row behind the students, blocking Elle's view of the stage anyways.

She frowned, but then his name was called, "Harry Styles."

Before thinking, she smiled, clapping and bolted up out of her seat, running to the stage.

"Elle get back here!" Her mother called, but she had already made the short journey up there and hugged Harry's legs.

There was a chorus of  "awe"s from the other spectators and Harry laughed loudly, unable to believe what Elle had done.

He scooped her up and held her as he walked off the stage, kissing her cheek. She giggled as he set her back down, "Go back to mommy, it's almost over."

She ran back over to her family as Harry sat in his original seat. George was laughing hysterically, "Leave it to our drama queen to get onstage at an event that isn't even about her."

Monica gently scolded Elle, "Don't run away from mommy like that somewhere crowded again, okay?"

Elle nodded, slightly ashamed, "I'm sorry, I just wanted to hug Harry."

"I know baby, but he's coming home with us after! We're having lunch!" Monica said, scooping her daughter up onto her lap.

The ceremony eventually ended and Harry was able to meet back up with the family. Anne gave him a huge hug as Monica snapped a picture, Elle being held by her father.

"Do you want a picture with Harry?" Anne asked Elle. The little girl nodded, jumping up and down. Harry lifted her and took off his navy blue graduation cap, placing it on Elle's head.

She laughed as she pushed it up out of her face and grinned as the picture was taken. Harry put her back down and she held his hand as they walked to the car.

When they got home, Monica began cooking as the rest of them sat in the living room, Elle on George's lap.

"So USC School of Business, huh?" George asked Harry as Elle began to doze off on his chest.

Harry nodded, "Yep, this fall."

"One of the best business schools in the state right?" George asked.

Harry chuckled, "The best actually."

Anne slapped his arm slightly, "Harry."

George laughed, "No, no Anne, let him brag! He got in to the school, with a rather large scholarship I hear?"

Harry nodded again as Monica came in the room with the video camera, "Harry just graduated high school!"

They all cheered and Elle smiled, clapping.

"Where are you going now?" Monica asked Harry, knowing the answer.

He laughed and grinned, jokingly pumping his fist in the air, "USC baby!"

Anne laughed at her dorky son, "For what?"

"I got in to business school! Next stop CEO, whoop whoop!" He joked, pretending to 'raise the roof'.

Anne looked over to Elle cuddling with her dad, "What do you want to be when you grow up, Elle?"

Monica panned the camera over to her daughter as she grinned, "A princess!"

George scooped her up from beside him and lifted her, "What? You already are a princess, angel!"

She squealed and laughed. Monica zoomed in, "There you have it folks, a CEO and a princess!"

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